Horror Scenes That I Love: The Bridge Attack Scene From Two Orphan Vampires

Today’s horror scene that I love comes from the 1997 French film, Two Orphan Vampires.

I knew that I really wanted to share a scene from Two Orphan Vampires on this date.  It’s my favorite Jean Rollin film.  Unfortunately, most of the really good scenes have been taken off of YouTube.  That said, I do like the way Rollin uses the color blue in this scene and the opening image of those two blind vampires walking across the bridge is still a strong one.  When viewed out of context, the attack on the poet may be seen weak but actually it’s just another example of Rollin’s dream-like aesthetic.  If the attack on the poet seems fake, that may be because it wasn’t supposed to have really happened.

Watch the film and it’ll make sense.

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