Music Video of the Day: Ah! Leah! by Donnie Iris (1980, dir. ???)

It’s tough when I hit a video like this.

I can’t ignore it. The song is huge while still being somewhat obscure.

There is ample information out there about Donnie Iris himself. You can read an article on Pop Dose that covers him in detail. You can read an interview with him over on Songfacts. And of course there’s the standard Wikipedia article as well.

However, I can’t find anything specific to this video. I’m guessing that it came out in 1980 because that’s when the single was released. I think the director might be Chuck Statler since he worked with Iris on several other videos, but I can’t find anything to make me feel comfortable enough to include his name in the title.

There’s the usual nonsense in the YouTube comment section. I only look on a video like this because once in a blue moon there’s something useful about the video. There wasn’t anything this time. The closest I came across was speculation about the identity of the woman in the video.

Just enjoy this simple video for a fun song.

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