Trash Film Guru Vs. The Summer Blockbusters : “Spider-Man : Homecoming”

Trash Film Guru

Who’da thunk it — apparently all it takes to get the “Marvel Zombie” crowd to like Spider-Man flicks again is to bring ’em under the banner of the MCU. Or is it?

To be sure, director Jon Watts’ Spider-Man : Homecoming theoretically should give the crowd that was pissed off about Sony still holding the cinematic rights to their favorite web-slinger everything they want : it’s fairly light-hearted, reasonably fun, well-cast, and directed in the sort of unimaginative, risk-averse “house style” first laid down by talentless hack Jon Favreau (who’s on hand here as Peter Parker’s Stark Industries “handler,” Happy Hogan) in Iron Man and since followed to a proverbial “T” by all Marvel movie product. Sure, plenty of liberties are taken with Spidey’s origin story — no mention of Uncle Ben, no talk of great power going hand-in-hand with great responsibility, Tony Stark (the by-now-perpetually-annoying Robert Downey Jr.) is…

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Stranger Things: Season 2 official trailer and poster

Revealed at SDCC today, the official trailer for the much anticipated season 2 of Netflix multiple Emmy* nominated original drama is here! And what a ‘Thriller’ of a trailer it is!

I have watched this trailer multiple times now and still can not get over all of the 1980’s nostalgia in it.

Ghost Busters:


Dragon’s Lair: 


Oh, and Upside down Will:


If you want to watch the ‘Thriller’ of  ‘Stranger Things’ season 2 trailer, you can here:

And the official poster is here:

stranger things season 2 poster


Stranger Things returns on Netflix October 27, 2017

*The Emmy’s airs Sunday, Sept. 17 at 8pm ET. on CBS.

A Movie A Day #195: Best Revenge (1984, directed by John Trent)

Damn … John Heard died.

I know that almost everyone knows John Heard as either the father from Home Alone or as the detective on The Sopranos or maybe even the executive in Big.  Over the course of his long career, John Heard played a lot of neglectful fathers, greedy businessmen, and corrupt politicians.  Heard was good in all of those roles but he was capable of so much more.  Though he did not get many chances to do so, he could play heroes just as well as villains.

One of his best performances is also one of his least seen.  In Best Revenge, he plays Charlie.  Charlie is a laid back drug dealer, someone who would probably hate and be hated by most of the authority figures that Heard was best known for playing.  Charlie is the ultimate mellow dude, without a care in the world.  All he wants to do is play his harmonica and spend time with his girlfriend (Alberta Watson).  However, an old friend (Stephen McHattie) wants Charlie to help smuggle 500 keys of hash from Tangiers to America.  Charlie wants nothing to do with it but then he finds out that the Mafia will kill his friend unless the drugs make it across the ocean.  Charlie and his friend Bo (Levon Helm of The Band) fly over to Morocco but are betrayed.  Charlie ends up in a prison cell, from which he has to escape so that he can rescue Bo, smuggle the drugs, and get revenge on those who betrayed him.

Because of the prison aspect and the fact that Charlie wears a fedora, Best Revenge was sold as being a combination of Midnight Express and Raiders of the Lost Ark but actually it is a character study disguised as an action film.  Despite the title, Best Revenge is more interested in the real-life logistics and hassles of being an international drug dealer than in any sort of revenge.  Though it is a role far different from the ones he may be best known for, John Heard was perfectly cast as a small-time drug dealer who suddenly finds himself in over his head.  Heard gives such a good  and sympathetic performance that this film, along with his work in Cutter’s Way and Chilly Scenes of Winter, shows what a mistake was made when Heard became typecast as the bad guy.

Best Revenge was filmed in 1980 but not released until four years later.  Along with appreciating Heard’s performance, keep an eye out for Michael Ironside in an early, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it role.

4 Shots From 4 Films (John Heard): Chilly Scenes Of Winter (1979), Cutter’s Way (1981), After Hours (1985), Big (1988)

I know everyone knew John Heard from the Home Alone series, but he did others things as well. Early on he was even given lead roles. I tried to pick a mixture of his early stuff, and when he was moved to largely playing character and supporting roles.

Rest in peace, John Heard.

Chilly Scenes Of Winter (1979, dir. Joan Micklin Silver)

Cutter’s Way (1981, dir. Ivan Passer)

After Hours (1985, dir. Martin Scorsese)

Big (1988, dir. Penny Marshall)

My Favorite Spy: Sean Connery as James Bond in GOLDFINGER (United Artists 1964)

cracked rear viewer

For my money, GOLDFINGER is the ultimate James Bond movie, serving as the blueprint for spy sagas to come. The action begins right off the rip as a scuba diving 007 infiltrates an oil refinery in an unnamed Latin American country, plants some plastique explosives, and changes into a tux as the whole shebang blows, then attends to some “unfinished business” with a beautiful Latina who sets him up to be killed by a bad guy, electrocuting his foe in a tub and wittily remarking “shocking, positively shocking” – all before the opening credits roll and Shirley Bassey belts out the immortal title tune by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse!

Our Man Bond is then off to Miami to meet with his CIA pal Felix Leiter. He’s put on the trail of one Auric Goldfinger, a legit gold bullion dealer suspected of illegal activities. The avaricious Goldfinger isn’t above running…

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Music Video of the Day: High In High School by Madam X (1984, dir. Marcelo Epstein)

After doing a song by Vixen, I knew I would find a Madam X video somewhere.

Madam X are a metal band that was originally formed by the Petrucci sisters–Maxine and Roxy. Roxy Petrucci would go on to be in Vixen. The band went through several band changes including bringing in Sebastian Bach before he went on to be in Skid Row. From what I can tell, this song is their most successful one. What a video they made for it.

The video begins by introducing us to our main character played by a guy I have a strong feeling I’ve seen in something else. I wanna say he is the doorman in Harden My Heart by Quarterflash. He is startled by the school bell ringing.

Then the teacher comes in who I’m quite sure is played by guitarist Maxine Petrucci.

With a little jump cut, they are now in a prison, like a certain other video that takes place in a high school.

The bars come down on the window next to our hero.

The main reason I think Maxine plays the teacher is because I’m betting those are the two male members of the band–Bret Kaiser and Chris Doliber.

Our hero looks inside of his desk. Inside, he sees the band performing on a history book.

Of course simply looking inside of your desk and smiling means that the teacher and class are going to scream the chorus at you.

The teacher looks inside his desk. Seeing herself playing guitar lets him off the hook for now.

Meanwhile, one of the other band members is trying to make fire.

Teach now pulls out a leopard. With a little of laying on of the hands…

she gives birth to her sister Roxy.

Now the class sings the lyrics, “you’ll never pass by kissing ass,” at the teacher.

One look from teacher, and a grin from our hero, the class now has their heads replaced by things like a globe and a pyramid.

The teacher comes over to grab our hero’s ear, which stretches like Silly Putty.

After the band plays some more, the desks open up…

to reveal that their actual heads are trapped inside the desks.

The teacher is gone now. I’m just going to assume this very quick cut to Maxine holding what looks like his ear is supposed to mean she transported into his desk.

Our hero leaps up on her desk to reveal that he is a fan of the band.

The class are now zombies apparently. With them bearing down on him…

he leaps into his desk, but appears to hold on for a while for some reason.

After a little flip…

he lands and jumps into the arms of the lead-singer to end the video.

The video was directed by Marcelo Epstein. He only did a handful of videos such as Looks That Kill by Mötley Crüe.

The video was produced by Alexis Omeltchenko and Joanna Bongiovanni.