Music Video of the Day: Talking In Your Sleep by The Romantics (1983, dir. ???)

Last week’s hospital procedure was to see if they could find anything that could be causing this 20+ year chronic cough. The doctor doesn’t like to discuss the results immediately afterwards since you’d probably be too groggy. I agree with that. However, he did give me an envelope with some results inside of it. I didn’t have any plans to look at it without the doctor to interpret it for me. I was feeling pretty down, so I opened it up. I don’t know exactly what they are going to do, if anything, but they did find several things. I’m very happy about that. It’s really weird to be happy about doctor’s finding something wrong. But if they hadn’t, then I would have been back to square one. This has cheered me up to at least put a short post together. Unfortunately, it’s an example of one of the serious downsides to doing these posts. There’s another version of Talking In Your Sleep by The Romantics–of course there is.

Back when I knew I was going to be starting a several week rollercoaster of antibiotic side-effects, I did a post on Goodbye To You by Scandal. That video looked very similar to this one. It was just more lively. I bring it up because while doing that post I was also looking at other videos by Scandal, such as the one for Love’s Got A Line On You. There’s the professional version with Patty Smyth decked out in her best 80’s prom dress. Then there’s the two versions that just have the band performing against a white background. The only reason they are notable is because you get to see Jon Bon Jovi playing with them. Beyond the, There’s another version?, I would say that this one is for completionists only, like those other Scandal videos. For those people, I felt I might as well do this while I remember it exists.

In general, I have been feeling particularly bad. Lisa may jump in from time to time. If I need to bow out completely, then I’ll say so. One upside to feeling bad is that I blaze through a lot of movies. With that in mind, it means I can tie this post of video for a Detroit, Michigan band to Canada’s 150th anniversary.

During the past week, I watched what may be the worst–non-Hallmark–Canadian film trying to masquerade as an America one that I’ve seen so far. That film being The Masked Saint (2016). It’s a pro-vigilante film about a wrestler turned pastor that moves to Michigan, dresses up like Santo, and violently defends his flock. I knew it was Canadian the second I saw a big American flag on the back wall of his church for no discernible reason. It was also the last film starring Canadian wrestler Roddy Piper. It’s kind of sad that he went out with this film, but considering the movies he made, I get the impression he had a good sense of humor.

Also, The Romantics’ album In Heat, which included this song, did well in Canada and the Netherlands. The first is obvious. The second ties to Canada because they have a special place in the Netherlands since they were some of the first soldiers to arrive to liberate the Dutch during WWII. They also took in the future queen of the Netherlands, Beatrix, during the war. She’ll come up again when I eventually do a certain Golden Earring video–but that’s for another day.


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