Musical Sequence of the Day: “You Never Can Tell” from Pulp Fiction

With the passing of Chuck Berry, today’s musical sequence of the day is a bit of a no-brainer.  This scene, from 1994’s Pulp Fiction, is already one of my favorite dance scenes and, today, it takes on a special poignance.

It’s funny.  Whenever there’s a montage of classic dance scenes, we always get at least a few seconds of John Travolta and Uma Thurman dancing at Jack Rabbits Slim.  In fact, I’ve seen this dance featured in so many montages that it’s easy to forget which song they were originally dancing to.  I’ve seen this scene scored with everything from Sinatra to punk to Britney Spears to EDM.  And, every time, it’s worked beautifully.

But really, “You Never Can Tell” is the perfect song for this scene.  Pulp Fiction is so many thing that I think people sometimes forget that, at heart, it’s truly a celebration of Americana.  Seeing John Travolta and Uma Thurman dancing to Chuck Berry serves to remind us of this fact.

2 responses to “Musical Sequence of the Day: “You Never Can Tell” from Pulp Fiction

  1. Truly a great scene, set to an even greater tune. As a card-carrying Old Guy, I very literally grew up with Chuck Berry songs as background music, the louder the better.

    As “soon as three o’clock rolls around”, we all ran out of school, across the street to our own juke joint in Alameda, California, spending half our change on the juke box (Berry and Little Richard mostly) and the other half on cokes and burgers, while dancing our asses off. The owner of that little coffee and lunch place must have been a saint to put up with us, every weekday.

    Life was most definitely cool, as was one of the two REAL kings of rock & roll; Chuck Berry (the other was Little Richard, of course. Elvis was merely a Pretender to the the throne for those who really knew music.)

    Thanks for posting the clip. And special thanks for realizing, even at your tender age(s), that those days really were the Golden Age of Rock & Roll.

    C’est la vie, says the old folk.

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