People of Earth, Season 1 Episode 8, “Mars or Bust”


Hello Gentle Readers! I’ve been MIA getting ready for the holiday spirit with Dental Surgical Planning!  Before I’m sailing away on Vicodin, I’m giving you another genius review!!!

We begin with Ozzie doing a victory lap for exposing Jonathan.  However, Ozzie gets some retribution when he’s asked whether he believes about Aliens and almost immediately caves.  He has an opportunity to work on the New York Times, but the recruiter is embarrassed by his belief in aliens and splits.

Jonathan is at a hotel room with Nancy.  He’s counting his millions in cash.  Nancy attacks Jonathan.  It turns out that she is a robot and has been taken over by Scroty. DUN DUN DUN.  She tears Jonathan’s human suit, deprives him of his golden parachute, and pretty much bones him.  Jonathan escapes penniless.  *sniff* Scroty plans to use Nancy for his purposes and infiltrate Starcrossed.

Ozzie returns to Starcrossed a hero!  The hippie lady brings the point home that his career is destroyed.

Father Doug takes out the trash and is abducted by …. aliens? Maybe?

Gerry is a bit of mess and is dumped by Joy.  Sad.

Gina chastens Ozzie for revealing his alien beliefs on a podcast and not with the group.  Nancy arrives at Starcrossed and begins to open up to the group and begins to come to terms with Kurt’s death.  Richard is really attracted to Nancy and it’s funny.

Father Doug turns to the Starcrossed for help, but it is clear that he was just kidnapped. He goes to the police and Starcrossed.  Jon H Benjamin explains that he might have to contact the Archdiocese.  Father Doug caves and kicks out Starcrossed.  Sad.

The New York Times recruiter convinces Ozzie to go back to New York and walk back his story.

Richard tries to mack on Nancy and gives away that Gina drives the car that killed Kurt.

I’m going to try for one more post before I leave for dental surgery.


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