Music Video of the Day: Anger by Thor (1983, dir. ???)

Since yesterday’s music video turned out to be an epic write for me, I decided to go with something fun for today.

Before Chris Hemsworth and even Eric Allan Kramer, there was Jon Miki Thor. I am going with 1983 since that was the year their album Unchained came out. Thor has an interesting history that you can read over on Wikipedia. The gist is that he was a body-builder who went into music, and then started being in movies such as Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare (1987). He even got his own documentary in 2015 called I Am Thor.

I enjoy the song despite what some people might say about it. I think the producer of the music video, who apparently put it up on YouTube, is giving himself too much flack. Dio would do the same kind of thing with a magic ball for Rock and Roll Children in 1985. Then there is the music video for Van Halen’s (Oh) Pretty Woman. I’ll get to that one eventually, but I will say that among other things, it has Michael Anthony as a samurai. You had Josie Cotton asking Johnny if he was queer while he squirmed on a bench that was followed up by Julie Brown’s The Homecoming Queen’s Got A Gun that showed us a school shooting done in the name of Johnny (I have to assume they are the same Johnny). There’s also Italian disco singer Moon Ray dancing like she is an Indian while she appears to be inside of the Atari game Custer’s Revenge for her song Comanchero. Finally, I think Chainmale might take offense at this music video being called the worst ever made.

I’m just saying that it wasn’t out of place in its time. It has significance to me today because I will now be paying close attention to the dialog in Marvel movies as a result of watching it. I want to hear Iron Man ask Thor if “Anger” is his middle name.


If it is still up, here’s Thor bending a steel bar with his teeth.

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