Remembering Jack Davis (1924-2016)

cracked rear viewer


If you grew up reading MAD magazine, you certainly know the name of Jack Davis. His unique style made him one of MAD’s most popular cartoonists, and his exaggerated, “big footed” characters weren’t just confined to the humor mag. Davis, who served in the Navy during WWII, did work for Navy News while in the service. After the war, he relocated to New York, and soon began illustrating for William Gaines’ EC Comics on their horror, crime, and war books. Davis became one of the original MAD artists, and from there drew everything from movie posters to album covers to TV Guide covers. Jack Davis passed away today at age 91, leaving behind a legacy of artwork for all to enjoy. Here are twelve examples of the distinctive art of Jack Davis:












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One response to “Remembering Jack Davis (1924-2016)

  1. I grew up (or more precisely, avoided growing-up) reading MAD magazine and enjoying the amazing work of Jack Davis. His insane style influenced millions of crazed fans like myself, and had as much effect on our twisted senses of humor as did Warner Bros. cartoons.

    Though I think I’ve mentioned this before in a comment here, this story is worth repeating.

    When I was a young kid, held captive by the nuns at a Catholic grammar school, MAD magazines were the only thing that kept us sane. Whenever a nun or priest would find our hidden copies of MAD, they would carefully explain to us that it was run by Communists, who hid code inside the “E.C.” trademark logo on the cover.

    Of course, we soon surmised that the real reason they hated MAD so much was the fact that many of those involved in producing and publishing MAD were Jewish. Hard to believe nowadays, but 100% true.

    Anyway, thank you, Jack Davis, from the bottom of my heart, for keeping our young minds healthy. .

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