Love That Dirty Water: Johnny Depp in BLACK MASS (Warner Brothers 2015)

cracked rear viewer


I don’t normally review new films. I usually leave that to more established bloggers, preferring to stick with my little “1930s to 1970s” niche. But I went to see BLACK MASS tonight, and feel the need to take a crack at it. I’m a Massachusetts guy, familiar with the saga of James “Whitey” Bulger. I followed the press coverage of Whitey’s criminal career through the Boston Herald’s great columnist Howie Carr, read multiple books on the subject, and have known a few “acquaintances” who claimed loose associations to some of the players. I’ve been eagerly awaiting BLACK MASS, and I was not disappointed.


The film is told through Bulger’s Winter Hill Gang members ratting out their boss to the FBI. Everybody drops dimes on each other in BLACK MASS, proving there is no honor among thieves. We follow the career arcs of mob boss Whitey and FBI agent John Connelly…

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The Green Inferno’s Eye-Popping Red Band Clip


It would be difficult to call Through the Shattered Lens a film blog that appreciates grindhouse filmmaking if we didn’t mention something about the cannibal subgenre of horror once in awhile.

Once a huge thing during the 70’s and right up to it’s demise during the early 1980’s, the cannibal films from Europe (especially by exploitation filmmakers from Italy) would compete with Italian giallo film and Euro-zombie knock-offs for on which one could be the most gory and grotesque. It was like a grand guignol royal rumble.

As founders of the site there’s one particular cannibal film that both Lisa and I have some sort of admiration for. This film is Ruggero Deodato’s Cannibal Holocaust. It would go down as one of the video nasties that kept the film as one that new fans of horror were told they must see if they were to complete their journey into the dark side.

After two years of distribution limbo, Eli Roth’s homage to the cannibal films of the 70’s and 80’s finally gets to show it’s wares up on the bigscreen and this red band clip will give audiences a brief taste of what to expect.

The Green Inferno is set for a September 25, 2015 release date.

Here’s the Second Trailer for Point Break!

Look, I’ll be honest with you.  I made it about halfway through this 2 minute 30 second trailer before the nonstop testosterone got so overwhelming that I stopped watching.  From what I saw, Point Break kind of looks like an attempt to do a Fast and Furious-type movie without featuring any of the self-awareness that make the Fast and Furious movies so much fun.

But who knows?  I’ve been wrong before.

For some reason, this movie is opening on Christmas Day.

Here’s The Second Trailer For Steve Jobs!

I’m kind of torn as far as the upcoming Steve Jobs films is concerned.

It’s about Steve Jobs, about whom I’m not really that interested.

But it stars Michael Fassbender, who I absolutely love.

It was written by Aaron Sorkin, whose work I usually find to be overwitten and cutesy.

But it was directed by Danny Boyle, who is one of my favorite directors.

Plus, it also features Kate Winslet, who I absolutely adore, and Seth Rogen, who I think could be an intriguing dramatic actor.  As well, it looks like it’s going to be nominated for a bunch of Oscars so I’m going to have to see it whether I want to or not.

Here’s the 2nd trailer for Steve Jobs.  It’s definitely better than the first trailer.