“I can’t get celluloid out of my blood”: W.C.Fields in THE BANK DICK (Universal, 1940)

cracked rear viewer


W.C. Fields was a one of a kind genius. Fields’ unique brand of comedy was born in vaudeville, polished on Broadway, and reached perfection on the screen. There’s nothing to compare him to, his singular skewed worldview is that distinct. He made his firrst movie 100 years ago, the 1915 silent short POOL SHARKS, and today still has legions of loyal fans. I’ve just finished watching THE BANK DICK, and though it’s impossible to describe the lunacy, I’ll give it a whirl.


Egbert Souse’ (“accent grave over the E”) is a henpecked husband who spends most of his time at The Black Pussy Café. After taking over directing a movie for the drunken A. Pismo Clam, he inadvertently captures a bank robber and becomes a local hero. Souse’ is given a job as a “bank dick”, working alongside his daughter’s beau, Og Oggilby. A con artist selling shares in a “beefsteak mine” has Souse’…

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Here’s The Trailer for Deathgasm!

So, I just watched the trailer for Deathgasm, a new horror comedy from New Zealand and seriously, what else can I say other than…

Oh.  My.  God!

To be honest, when I read that this film was about a heavy metal band fighting a demon, I was kinda like bleh.  I mean, that is so seriously not my type of music.  (If the movie was about a DJ fighting a demon with the the power of EDM, that would be a different story.)  But the trailer is just so over-the-top and crazy that I may have to give Deathgasm a chance.

Here’s The Trailer for The Lobster!

Here’s the trailer for The Lobster!  

It’s a film in which a government forces single people to a resort where they are transformed into animals.  (Like a lobster, for instance.)  The film caused quite a stir at Cannes earlier this year and personally, I can’t wait to see it for myself!

Here’s The Trailer for Beasts of No Nation!

Beasts of No Nation.

Could this film be the one that nets Idris Elba his first Oscar nomination?  And, considering that it will be premiering on Netflix at the same time it gets its limited theatrical release, will Beasts of No Nation change the way the films are distributed?  We shall see!

Beasts of No Nation will be released on October 16th.