The (Official) Deadpool Red Band Trailer


Fox has released the trailer for Marvel’s Deadpool, which comes out next year. This is the same trailer that was shown at the San Diego Comic Con earlier this year, and is in crystal clear HD. For those who aren’t aware, Deadpool is the tale of Wade Wilson (no relation to me, mind you), who is dying of cancer and elects to join a program similar to the Weapon X one that created Wolverine. When he’s given the same healing factor as Wolverine, Wilson takes his new-found abilities and becomes Deadpool, the Merc With a Mouth, weapon-wielding extraordinaire. The movie has the potential to be great or maybe not, considering how hard they’re trying to appease their target audience. It hits just about every mark, with it’s breaking of the fourth wall and comic elements. It’s also great to not only see Ryan Reynolds reprising the mishandled role from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but finally having it done in a way that at least comes close to the comic origins.

Why is this a Fox production and not a Disney/Marvel one? Well, for one, Fox already had the character. Two, I don’t think Deadpool fits into the wholesome do-gooder world that most of the Marvel Heroes and Heroines inhabit. He’s more like Stitch in comparison to the other Disney Characters.

Deadpool also stars Morena Baccarin, Gina Carano and T.J. Miller. Enjoy.

3 responses to “The (Official) Deadpool Red Band Trailer

  1. Deadpool’s gon’ give it to ya! Gon’ give it to ya!

    While I’m firmly in the Marvel Studios camp when it comes to Marvel films, I will say that this trailer definitely has skyrocketed to one of my must-see of 2016. I mean anytime something makes use of DMX and does it well so that youngin’s today actually gets a glimpse at a true hip-hop star then I’m all for it.


    • Ahh, DMX. He may be the only other hip hop star other than the Wu-Tang Clan to seriously hold my interest back in the day. I owned the “It’s Dark and Hell is Hot” album, and so many tracks were just in your face. Great stuff all around. My little brother borrowed the CD and it was never seen again. May have to reacquire it. 🙂 As for the movie, I’m definitely excited. I had my hopes up at the beginning of Wolverine only to have them dashed later on. This is a big improvement, and we’re only in the trailers.


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