Something Horrific That Was Found On YouTube: The 1987 Max Headroom Incident

This is something that I came across on YouTube about a year ago.  Apparently, way back in 1987, person unknown managed to hijack the signal of Chicago television station.  The end result can be viewed below.

Personally, I find this video to be … well, disturbing.  And kinda scary, though not as scary as this one time in Arkansas when I was walking along these train tracks and I nearly placed my foot right into the middle of the mushy, maggot-ridden remains of a dog that had apparently been hit by a train.  (Agck!  Now, that was scary….)  I also find it kinda sad that somebody went through all the trouble to hijack a television signal (which I assume is not easy) and this is why they did it.

Anyway, Halloween seems to be the perfect time to share this video.  Not only does it feature a guy in a mask but it’s also one of those mysterious events that make Halloween a holiday worth celebrating.  So, without further jibber jabbering on my part, here is the 1987 Max Headroom Incident:

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