Horror Scenes I Love: Day of the Dead


As I sit here collecting my thoughts on my next horror film review I went over on YouTube to look at a few favorite film scenes to help inspire me. One such scene I came across remains one of my favorite horror scenes ever. In fact, I would consider this one of my favorite film scenes I have ever seen and I have seen more than what’s considered normal.

The film the latest “Scenes I Love” comes from the classic and under-appreciated Day of the Dead. This would be his third zombie film and when it first came out was considered too dark and depressing. I don’t think I would disagree with those descriptions, but that’s not to say the film wasn’t great. The film just took awhile for people to finally appreciate it’s greatness and utter grindhouse vibe.

Now onto the scene that continues to be my favorite from this film. It involves the character of Capt. Rhodes as he tries to flee fro the horde of zombies which has breached the underground haven he and his men had called home. Just like the inspiring leader he was throughout the film, Rhodes leaves his men to fend for themselves as he goes for the cache of weapons and ammo to make a run for it. What he hadn’t counted on was the arrival of one smarter-than-the-average-zombie named Bub who has a bone to pick with dear old Capt. Rhodes.

What happens once the two get to doing their stand-off still remains one of the best scenes in horror ever. What made the scene great was how Rhodes reacted to the final situation he found himself in. If I ever meet such an end I would hope I go out with such words to utter.


Horror Film Review: Carnival of Souls (dir. by Herk Harvey)

Good morning and welcome to Oct. 28th!  Can you feel Halloween creeping closer?

Creeping doom is also the theme of today’s public domain horror film — Herk Harvey’s Carnival of Souls.  First released in 1962, Carnival of Souls was an independent film that was made for $33,000.  It didn’t get much notice when it was first released but it has since gone on to become one of the quintessential cult films.  David Lynch, for one, loves this movie and it’s easy to see why.

The story of Carnival of Souls is a familiar one and I’d be surprised if the final twist was even that surprising when the film was first released.  However, even if the plot is familiar, this is a moody film full of atmosphere and dream-like images.  The film’s organ-dominated score has become a classic.  Lead actress Candice Hilligoss made her film debut here and would only appear in one more film.

Allow me to present to you now, Herk Harvey’s Carnival of Souls