Horror Scenes I Love: Alien

Lisa Marie Bowman had chosen her favorite scene from Dario Argento’s Suspiria as her latest “Scenes I Love” post and it’s quite the scene. I will match her choice with a horror scene which remains one of my favorite scenes in film history. It is also a scene from one of the best scifi-horror films ever made and, I would dare to even say, one of the best films ever created. The scene I speak of comes from Ridley Scott’s classic and iconic film Alien.

Anyone who has ever watched this classic scifi-horror will always gravitate towards talking about one particular scene. The scene is the first time the crew of the space tug Nostromo gets together to a meal as a group after the crisis which saw one of their own crew members attacked by an alien creature. This scene started off quite normal. Professionals enjoying food and good company. It’s through Ridley Scott’s direction and the exceptional performances of all involved which elevates the scene to one of the greatest. Through the scene’s depiction of normalcy we start to get a sense that something may not be right even before Kane begins to cough and have convulsions. For me it was a prolonged shot of crew member Ash during the banter around the table. His expression is all subdued smile then for just a split second we see him glance at Kane eating and being merry but he knows something is wrong and about to happen.

Even if people didn’t pick up that moment from Ash it still created a subconscious effect on the audience so that when Kane did begin to cough and convulse uncontrollably the audience was already on the razor’s edge. When the climactic event which punctuates this scene finally occurs the surprise on all the actors, especially that of actress Veronica Cartwright, has gone done as in film history as a classic. It helped that their reactions were quite genuine. Even knowing that the chestburster alien would pop out it was not being told that fake blood would squirt out that made their reaction of surprise and disgust so real. The extended version of this scene even had Cartwright slipping and falling as she screamed in horror at all the blood which had splashed on her.

One last thing which made this scene one I love and also one which I think makes it one of the greatest scenes in film history is that it was done in one take and that single take came out perfectly. This is a scene that has influenced many filmmakers since but its effect has never been fully replicated.


AMV of the Day: Who’s That Chick?

Before I returned to posting something about horror I needed to post another “AMV of the Day” entry after discovering and watching this happy little AMV earlier today. This latest anime music video is the aptly named “Who’s That Chick?” by amv creator gloobe90.

The video’s title comes from the Rihanna song which when listened to perfectly encapsulates the Teppen Toppa Gurren Lagann character of Yoko Littner. This anime is part of the shonen mecha genre. It pretty much means it’s an anime series aimed at boys and young men using action and mecha (giant robots) with some comedy and fanservice thrown in just cover all bases. The character of Yoko Littner pretty much has all four of those traits. She’s quite able in the action and fighting department and while she doesn’t pilot one of the many mechas in the series she does take down more than her share of them. Yoko also happens to be a sort of comedy relief in the series both in her actions and attitude but also in the fanservice way she’s drawn and how others react to her due to her appearance.

It’s really not a surprise that Yoko Littner ended up being one of the more popular anime characters ladies end up cosplaying at conventions and anime events. The trick though is whether they can pull of not just Yoko’s look, but her infectious cheerful attitude. This video certainly captures all of that and more.

Anime: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Song: “Who’s That Chick?” by Rihanna feat. David Guetta

Creator: gloobe90

Trailer: Chronicle

I have to admit that, even though I thought that Apollo 18 was an underrated movie, I’m still skeptical about the whole “found footage” genre of film.  I could explain why but the fact of the matter is that just about everyone is skeptical about it and we’re all skeptical for pretty much the same reasons.  Still, Chronicle looks like it might be interesting.  Still, you have to wonder who all these people are who, in the face of incoming apocalypse, react by standing in place with a camera.  Me, I’d probably drop the camera and run.