Horror On The Lens: House On Haunted Hill (dir by William Castle)

The original The House on Haunted Hill is a classic and one that we make it a point to share every Halloween.  And since October is nearly over, now seems like the perfect time to do so!

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Enjoy Vincent Price at his best!

Horror on TV: Circle of Fear 1.21 “The Ghost of Potter’s Field” (dir by Don McDougall)

While doing research for a story at Potter’s Field, a reporter (Tab Hunter) sees a stranger who looks much like him.  At first, the reporter thinks that it’s a coincidence but then the reporter starts to run into the stranger everywhere.  His friends think that he’s getting upset over nothing.  His girlfriend thinks that he’s in danger.  The reporter knows that he has to figure out who the stranger is and why he’s haunting him.

The second-to-last episode of Circle of Fear aired on March 23rd, 1973.  Tab Hunter is a bit of a bland hero but the episode still had creepy moments.


Horror On TV: Circle of Fear 1.19 “Graveyard Shift” (dir by Don McDougall)

On tonight’s episode of Circle of Fear, John Astin plays a former actor who now makes a meager living as a security guard at the studio where he once worked.  Unfortunately, the studio is shutting down.  John Astin will be out of a job but, as he discovers one night, he’s not the only one who fears being forgotten.  This is the type of story that could only have been told in the days before physical media, streaming sites, and cable.

Patty Duke, who was married to Astin at the time, plays his character’s wife.  Playing their baby is John and Patty’s newborn, future actor MacKenzie Astin.  William Castle, who served as executive producer of Circle of Fear, appears as the head of the studio.

This episode originally aired on February 16th, 1973.

Horror On TV: Circle of Fear 1.18 “Legion of Demons” (dir by Paul Stanley)

Shy Beth (Shirley Knight) is now to the city and still struggling to make friends.  Fortunately, her friend Janet gets her a nice corporate job.  Unfortunately, Janet then vanishes and Beth discovers that her co-workers are more than just office workers,  I won’t spoil the twist, since the title of this episode already did that.

Legion of Demons aired on February 2nd, 1973 and it undoubtedly led to a lot of viewers saying, “I think they filmed that at my office!”


Horror on TV: Circle of Fear 1.17 “Doorway to Death” (dir by Daryl Duke)

Tonight, on Circle of Fear, bratty Robert (played by Leif Garrett) discovers that an upstairs door in his family’s new apartment building leads to someplace very unexpected.  His older sister, Peggy (Susan Dey), doesn’t believe him but she soon learns the error of her ways.  

This episode is really creepy and atmospheric and I don’t want to spoil too much of it.  It was written by Jimmy Sangster, who also did several Hammer films, and it was directed by Daryl Duke.  To be honest, this episode reminds me of the episode of Lost where Jack stumbles across the ghosts of Ben’s parents outside of the cabin.  It has a similar, dream-like feel to it.

The episode originally aired on January 26th, 1973.

Horror On TV: Circle of Fear 1.14 “Death’s Head” (dir by James Nielson)

Circle of Fear!?

What happened to Ghost Story!?

Fear not, they’re the same show.  Apparently, Ghost Story was struggling in the ratings so William Castle changed up both the show’s format and the title.  Ghost Story became Circle of Fear and, sadly, Sebastian Cabot was dumped as the show’s host.

The first episode of the new Circle of Fear era featured Janet Leigh as the wife of a man who loves insects.  Unfortunately for him, Leigh hates insects.  This, along with an adulterous affair, can only lead to murder and that, of course, can only lead to the moths coming for revenge.

That may sounds silly but let me tell you, I totally agree with Janet Leigh when it comes to moths.  If you want to see me run out of a room, just point out that there’s a moth flying around.  Agck!

This episode originally aired on January 5th, 1973.

Horror On TV: Ghost Story 1.13 “Time of Terror” (dir by Robert Day)

Tonight’s episode of Ghost Story stars Patricia Neal as a woman who wakes up one morning in a hotel and discovers that her husband is missing.  She’s told that her husband checked out without her but no one will give her a straight answer as to where he went.

This episode was written by Jimmy Sangster, who also wrote several Hammer films.  It originally aired on December 22nd, 1972.

Horror On TV: Ghost Story 1.11 “Touch of Madness” (dir by Robert Day)

On tonight’s episode of Ghost Story, Lynn Loring plays Janet.  Janet has inherited her mother’s house.  (Her mother died in a mental hospital.)  Janet is determined to fix up the house and her cousins (Rip Torn and Geraldine Page) are more than happy to help!  Or are they?

This is a pretty good episode, largely due to the fact that Rip Torn and Geraldine Page play the cousins.  Torn and Page were married at the time and they both appear to be having a blast playing their odd roles.  This episode reminds me a bit of Jess Franco’s A Virgin Among The Living Dead.  It originally aired on December 8th, 1972.


Horror on TV: Ghost Story 1.8 “House of Evil” (dir by Daryl Duke)

Tonight’s episode of Ghost Story is full of stars!

Evil grandpa comes to visit his family and, with the help of voodoo cookies (you read that right), he tries to manipulate his deaf and mute granddaughter into helping him kill everyone!  Grandpa is played by Melvyn Douglas.  His granddaughter is played by Jodie Foster!  And the script was written by none other than Robert Bloch and Richard Matheson!

This episode originally aired on November 10th, 1972.

Horror on TV: Ghost Story 1.7 “Half a Death” (dir by Leslie H. Martinson)

On tonight’s episode of Ghost Story, Pamela Franklin plays two roles.  She plays both Christina Burgess and Lisa (hey!), the twin sister who Christina has never met.  When Lisa mysteriously dies (boooo!), Christina finds herself haunted by her sister’s ghost.  But is the ghost benevolent or is the ghost seeking revenge?

Co-written by Richard Matheson, this episode originally aired on November 3rd, 1972.