Music Video of the Day: Mother, Mother by Tracy Bonham (1996, dir by Jake Scott)

Happy Mother’s Day.

For many of us, today is a bittersweet day.  My sisters and I lost our mom nearly nine years ago and today reminds us of how much we miss her and will always miss her.  At the same time, today is also my niece’s ninth birthday and I know mom would be so proud of how her granddaughter has been raised.

Our music video of the day is also bittersweet.  Tracy Bonham’s Mother, Mother imagines a mother/daughter phone conversation in which the daughter assures her mom that life is great while secretly wishing that she could admit that it’s not.  I don’t think there’s anyone alive who can’t relate to Bonham’s desperation as she shouts, “Everything’s fine!”

There are actually two videos for Mother, Mother, both of which were directed by Jake Scott.  The first one features Tracy Bonham singing on television while her mother (played by Bonham’s real-life mother) cleans up around the house.

The second version is a bit more positive.  To be honest, despite my instinct to naturally embrace the darker version of any work of art, I actually prefer the second video.  Maybe it’s because I like playing dress up and I can relate to screaming while jumping around in a closet.  Who knows?

Anyway … enjoy!