Music Video of the Day: 68 Guns by The Alarm (1983, directed by ????)

In a video that switches from black-and-white to color, the members of The Alarm are chased through London by the police.  Not surprisingly, both this song and the video were inspired by a book that the lead singer of the Alarm read about street gangs in Glasgow.

68 Guns would go on to become The Alarm’s highest-charting song in the UK, reaching the 17th position.  In the U.S., the song reached number #39 on the Hot Mainstream Rocks chart.  This was the band’s first song to appear on the charts in either nation.


Music Video of the Day: Spirit of 76 by The Alarm (1985, directed by Nick Morris)

Today, we give a shoutout to Wales with the music video for Spirit of 76, which was written and performed by the Welsh band, The Alarm.  In the 80s, The Alarm earned an international fanbase by opening for U2 and, later, Bob Dylan.  Just as U2 will always be associated with Ireland, The Alarm will always be associated with Wales.  The band is still together and still proudly Wlesh.

This video was directed by Nick Morris, who was one of the busiest music directors of the 80s and the 90s.  He also did music videos for Cinderalla, Toto, The Rainmakers, Jennifer Rush, Europe, Eddie Money, Cliff Richard, Warren, and Radiohead among others.