Hottie of the Day: Olive Oyl

There’s a commercial out for Summer’s Eve that I’ve seen in the theatre. In it, it shows various battles while in the background, there’s a voice over explaining that “Men have fought for it, killed and died for it.” While that ends up being a little humorous at the end, it does point out something. Guys will often do anything for love (or is it lust)?

Take Olive Oyl as a case in point. I know, it’s off the wall and weird with all of the Hotties that have graced the Shattered Lens (and I could get myself kicked for all this), but hear me out. I made something of a fun dare with Arleigh that I could write this – despite the shame that may come from it – and am getting it out there.

That red shirt.

Her Leia-like hairdo, complete with the ponytail.

And those sexy boots.

It’s Olive’s apparent flaws that make her beautiful, at least to two men.

Ms. Oyl, the love of Popeye the Sailor, manages throughout to always attract the attention of both Popeye and his rival, Bluto (or Brutus, in some stories). Like the characters in Twilight, the two men are always at each other to defend her honor over the years in Max Fleischer’s serials. While she may be petite by today’s standards, Olive brings a sense of vitality and clumsiness that adds to her allure, not to mention her bright smile. She’s all woman.

Olive Oyl is also a resourceful girl, whether it’s by helping her man sneak into a Rodeo or even putting up a fight for him (she once at the spinach and beat up a girl), she shows she’s not one to always wait to be saved (note that I say always – she does have her times where she needs help). Imagine how she’d be if she were written differently, with a darker tone. Perhaps she’d be like Catherine Trammell, Sharon Stone’s character in Basic Instinct, dancing between but never being “owned” by either suitor. As long as Bluto has an interest in her, Popeye will run to her defense. Thus, she owns all the cards. A wise one, that cutie.