Music Video of The Day: These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ (1966, dir by ????)

This song seems like a good one for Super Bowl Sunday.  One team is going to win.  The other team is going to have these boots walking all over them.  Actually, I guess football player don’t wear boots.  But maybe they’ll slip into some boots after the game is over.  Who knows?

This song was written be Lee Hazlewood, who was originally planning on singing the song himself.  Apparently, his version was meant to be even more aggressive than the version that was ultimately recorded by Nancy Sinatra.  From Songfacts:

Hazlewood often drew inspiration for his songs from regular people. In a Blender magazine interview, he said he was in a Texas bar when some patrons started razzing an older guy about his younger girlfriend and how she controlled him. The man responded by putting his feet on a barstool and saying, “I know what you think – that she might be the boss. But I am the boss of my house, and these boots will walk all over her the day that I’m not.”

Lee had written the song for himself: “It was a party song I had written two or three years before that. It was a joke to begin with. I had written a beautiful song for her, ‘The City Never Sleeps At Night,’ and she wondered if it would sell. I replied, ‘Three times more than ‘So Long Babe,’ and that did 60,000. We’re building up your career.’ I changed my mind and put it on the back of ‘Boots’ and that sold 6 million.”

Nancy Sinatra recalled in the documentary The Wrecking Crew that Lee Hazlewood was going to record the song himself, but she talked him out of it. Said Sinatra, “When a guy sings it, the song sounds harsh and abusive, but it’s perfect for a little girl.”