Cleaning Out The DVR Yet Again #2: Mommy’s Secret (dir by Terry Miles)

(Lisa recently discovered that she only has about 8 hours of space left on her DVR!  It turns out that she’s been recording movies from July and she just hasn’t gotten around to watching and reviewing them yet.  So, once again, Lisa is cleaning out her DVR!  She is going to try to watch and review 52 movies by Thanksgiving, November 24th!  Will she make it?  Keep checking the site to find out!)


The next film that I watched off of my DVR was yet another Canadian-produced Lifetime film.  This one was called Mommy’s Secret and I recorded it off of Lifetime on October 8th.  I was on vacation when Mommy’s Secret originally aired, which is why I’m only now getting around to reviewing it.

Mommy’s Secret opens with a bank robbery.  The robber appears to a skinny man who wears a baseball cap and has a goat-tee.  He’s not a violent robber.  He doesn’t threaten people or fire guns into the ceiling or anything like that.  Instead, he simply slips the teller a note, collects his money, and then flees on his bicycle.  We watch as the robber skillfully avoids the police, riding his bike to a parked SUV….

Hmmmm….a bank robber driving a SUV.  That’s … interesting.

After stashing his bike and the money in the back of the SUV, the robber steps out of the way and the camera zooms in on a bumper sticker.  “PTA” it reads.

Hmmm…does that stand for Pernicious Thieves Association?  Or, actually, could our robber be a member of the Parent-Teacher Association?

The robber gets in the SUV.  He removes his baseball cap and … wow, he’s get really nice hair.  He then proceeds to remove his goatee and …. OH MY GOD, IT’S CHARISMA CARPENTER!

That’s right!  Charisma Carpenter plays a bank robber in Mommy’s Secret.  However, it turns out that the character she plays, suburban mom Anne Harding, has a good reason for robbing all those banks.  Her husband has recently died and the insurance money has dried up.  Her teenage daughter, Denise (Sarah Grey), is a soccer phenom who might be able to get a college scholarship but it still costs money to keep her playing.  And then there’s her son, Kyle.  Kyle is addicted to gambling but, unfortunately, he’s not every good at it.  He owes the local crime lord a lot of money.

So, in order to keep her son alive and her daughter playing soccer, Anne agrees to rob a few banks.

And she’s surprisingly good at it!  Seriously, I don’t think I could handle robbing a bank.  I would get too nervous and I wouldn’t have the patience necessary to wait for them to open up that big vault in the back.  Add to that, I always like going to the bank.  Part of me would love to work at a bank, just so I could see how much money everyone has.  So, no bank robbing for me.

As for Mommy’s Secret, it has a few slow spots but, for the most part, it was enjoyably ludicrous.  Sarah Grey, who was also in A Mother’s Instinct and The Wrong Girl, does well as the responsible and concerned Denise.  I think, for most people, the main appeal of the film will be seeing Charisma Carpenter robbing a bank and Carpenter actually gives a really good performance.  Between this film and Bound, Carpenter is cornering the market when it comes to playing mothers with a secret.