Artwork of the Day: Lady With A Past (by Howell Dodd)

by Howell Dodd

I couldn’t find out much about the content of this book, other than it was published in 1951 by Venus Books and it was, by 1951 standards, considered to be “adult reading.” Amos Hatter was a pseudonym for James W. Lampp, who wrote several of these type of books under different names. The book is about a girl who has a wild past and whether or not she can go on to have a normal life despite it. Because, of course, men can do whatever they want whereas women are expected to spend the rest of their lives apologizing for their decisions. What I like about this cover is that the lady with a past doesn’t look like she has any regrets whatsoever.

This cover was done by Howell Dodd, who has been featured many times in the past and who will be featured much more in the future.

Artist Profile: Howell Dodd (1910 — 2005?)

Illustrator Howell Dodd appears to have been especially active in the 50s and 60s.  Other than that he was once the director of the Famous Artists’ School, I couldn’t find much biographical information on Howell Dodd.  Even the date of his death is uncertain.  (Some sites claim that Dodd died in 2005 while others list him as still being alive and active at the age of 106!)  Fortunately, his work speaks for itself.

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Man's Cavalcade (Jan., 1958). Cover Art by Howell Dodd

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