Music Video of the Day: Something In My House by Dead Or Alive (1986, dir. ???)

Yes, I did Creeper by Islands a few days ago. However, that song didn’t spin me right round like a record, baby, right round round round.

I can’t find much information on this one. The song was edited down for the music video. According to Wikipedia, the video is an homage to Jean Cocteau’s Beauty And The Beast. I buy that. It may have been about a decade since I saw that movie, but things like knockers made of human faces definitely remind me of that film. That’s all I can find.

We lost Pete Burns on October 23rd of 2016. On the 24th of this year, we lost Fats Domino. I thought about breaking with the October theme to do the live video of Cheap Trick covering Ain’t That A Shame, but I decided against devoting a whole post to it. Then I decided, I still wanted to include it. So, here is their cover of Ain’t That A Shame performed from where else, than Budokan.


Devil’s Third Exclusive Debut Trailer

That trailer is the debut of what looks to be another — as the trailer captions even flashed across the screen — “epic masterpiece” from video gaming’s rare “rock star” developer, Tagaki Tomonobu.

Devil’s Third will be the first game from Itagaki’s newly formed development studios Valhalla Game Studio. Itagaki was formerly of Tecmo’s Team Ninja studio where he had been instrumental in developing the very successful Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive franchises. Both franchises were fan-favorites (also polarizing just like it’s developer Itagaki.) and sold in the millions with each release. With the falling out between Itagaki and his publisher’s bosses at Tecmo, the mercurial and mad-genius developer left Team Ninja and went on a year sabbatical before finally starting up his own studio in Valhalla. Other top designers and developers from Team Ninja would soon leave Tecmo and join Itagaki at Valhalla. With Valhalla Game Studio now established and publishing agreement made with THQ, it looks like Itagaki is back to doing what he’s best known for: making over-the-top games for the console systems.

Devil’s Third will be Itagaki’s first foray into the shooter-genre. His previous franchises were either in the fighting game (Dead or Alive) and/or the action (Ninja Gaiden) genres. This upcoming title for THQ and Valhalla looks to take the shooter genre into the very same over-the-top aesthetics as Itagaki’s previous titles. From the trailer it looks to be as violent and bloody as his previous titles, but now with guns in addition to the usual melee and bladed action.

Even though the game is still at least two years away from a release date the trailer looks to show Itagaki’s plans at adding some fresh new lifeblood at a genre which has become staid and bereft of anything new and innovative. Devil’s Third looks to be Itagaki’s chance to show that his success while at Team Ninja wasn’t just a fluke and that he could branch out to other genres even one as crowded with very good games as the shooter genre.

Despite the game being still two years away from being completed and released I have a feeling this trailer, once it makes it appearance at this year’s E3, will become one of the most anticipated games for both the Xbox 360 and the PS3.