Horror Trailer: Cub (Welp)


There has always been an unwritten agreement that Hollywood films minimize the sort of violence inflicted on children on-screen. Something about children and pets being put into harm’s way that disturbs the majority of people going to see films. This hasn’t been the case with foreign cinema.

Films such as Battle Royale put children front and center when it comes to on-screen violence. Sometimes it’s to make a point and others it’s just a filmmaker channeling their inner exploitation bone.

One film which has been making the festival circuit is the Belgian horror film Cub (titled Welp in it’s home country) which brings the campfire spooky tale of yesteryear into a more modern setting.

From first-time director Jonas Govaerts, Cub tells the story of a group of young Cub scouts out camping and who end up becoming prey to a psychopathic woodman who has left devious and deadly traps in the very woods they’ve decided to camp in.

The trailer does a good job in not telling too much and also hinting at the sort of on-screen kid violence that makes people uncomfortable. For now, Cub has no release date in the US so for now here’s to hoping it at least hits the VOD market.