Here Are The Eddie Nominations! Where’s Spotlight?

So, here’s the thing…the Eddie Awards are a pretty big deal.  The Eddies are given out by ACE, the American Cinema Editors and they are meant to honor the best edited films of the year.  The ACEs are also considered to be a pretty good precursor of what will be nominated for (obviously) Best Editing and Best Picture.

And here’s the thing — it’s rare that a film wins Best Picture without receiving, at the very least, a nomination for Best Editing.  Birdman managed to do it (and it’s odd that Birdman was snubbed for Best Editing since the editing was probably the only thing that kept Birdman from just being a pretentious mess).  However, Birdman was the exception to the rule.

What’s interesting is that Spotlight — which has dominated the critics awards — was snubbed by the Eddies.  What does this mean?  It might not mean anything.  Or it could mean that Spotlight is more popular with the critics than with the industry people who will actually be voting for the Oscars.

(The same thing happened with The Social Network a few years ago.)

What was nominated?  Check them out below and notice that Sicario — a darkhorse that I would love to see nominated — got the nomination that a lot of people were expecting to go to Spotlight.




  • Ant-Man
    Dan Lebental, ACE & Colby Parker, Jr., ACE
  • The Big Short
    Hank Corwin, ACE
  • Joy
    Jay Cassidy, ACE, Alan Baumgarten, ACE, 
Christopher Tellefsen, ACE & Tom Cross, ACE
  • Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
    David Trachtenberg
  • Trainwreck
    William Kerr, ACE & Paul Zucker


  • Anomalisa
    Garret Elkins
  • Inside Out
    Kevin Nolting, ACE
  • The Good Dinosaur
    Stephen Schaffer, ACE


Here Are The Eddie Nominations!

American Sniper

The Eddies!  Isn’t that a perfectly adorable name for an award?

Anyway, the Eddies are given out by the American Cinema Editors and they honor the best editing in film and television.  The Eddies make for an interesting precursor because (much like the SAG awards), they’re a guild award and the nominees and winners are being determined by many of the same people who will be voting on the Oscars.

Add to that, films that get a nomination for best editing often also get nominated for best picture.  (One huge exception to that rule would be David Fincher’s rehash The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, which actually won best editing despite not being nominated for best picture.)

The big news from the Eddie nominations is that potential Oscar front-runner Selma was snubbed.  However, American Sniper was not.  While I doubt that the makers of Selma have anything to worry about, this does seem to indicate that — despite not making a huge showing as far as the critics awards are concerned — American Sniper might still be a factor in the best picture race.

(Then again, Oscar watchers like me are notorious for overanalyzing stuff like this…)

The film nominees can be found below.

Best Edited Feature Film (Dramatic)
“American Sniper” (Joel Cox, ACE & Gary Roach, ACE)
“Boyhood” (Sandra Adair, ACE)
“Gone Girl” (Kirk Baxter, ACE)
“The Imitation Game” (William Goldenberg, ACE)
“Nightcrawler” (John Gilroy, ACE)
“Whiplash” (Tom Cross, ACE)

Best Editing Feature Film (Comedy or Musical)
“Birdman” (Douglas Crise & Stephen Mirrione, ACE)
“The Grand Budapest Hotel” (Barney Pilling)
“Guardians of the Galaxy” (Fred Rasking, Hughes Winborn, ACE & Craig Wood, ACE)
“Into the Woods” (Wyatt Smith)
“Inherent Vice” (Leslie Jones, ACE)

Best Edited Animated Feature Film
“Big Hero 6” (Tim Mertens)
“The Boxtrolls” (Edie Ichioka, ACE)
“The LEGO Movie” (David Burrow & Chris McKay)

Best Edited Documentary (Feature)
“CITIZENFOUR” (Mathilde Bonnefoy)
“Finding Vivian Maier” (Aaron Wickenden)
“Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me” (Elisa Bonora)

Guardians of the Galaxy