Scenes That I Love: Michael Caine in The Dark Knight Rises

Today, the Shattered Lens wishes a happy 90th birthday to Sir Michael Caine.

With 177 acting credits listed on the imdb, Michael Caine has been working regularly since 1956.  (Though he actually made his acting debut, at the age of 10, in a made-for-TV movie in 1946).  There are many great Michael Caine performances and scenes to choose from but, for today, I decided to go for a scene from 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises.  Caine was 79 when he played Alfred in this film and he showed that, after decades of work, he hadn’t lost a step as a performer.  As well, he also showed his ability to take a character who could have been ridiculous — the loyal butler of a superhero — and instead make him surprisingly poignant.

2 responses to “Scenes That I Love: Michael Caine in The Dark Knight Rises

  1. Good timing coming across your blog. Was watching my NightFlight Plus app, started researching something online related to a Blotto band video that lead me here.

    Happy birthday to Mr. Caine. I just watched one of my fav films he ever did called Deathtrap. It’s feast or famine when it shows on cable and I kept missing it for years.

    Ran on Xfinity cable (in Jersey City) on the Mmovies station, saw it will replay there soon for anyone that wants to catch it. Cheers.


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