Scenes I Love: Snake Plisskin Shuts Down The World In Escape From L.A.

What is the deal with Presidents who don’t understand how important it is to stay on Snake Plisskin’s good side?

At the end of Escape From New York, The President (Donald Pleasence) made the mistake of not showing proper respect to all the people who died while Snake was rescuing him.  So, Snake destroyed the tape that was apparently key to keeping the world from descending into war.  Now, to be honest, the President was pretty shook up at the time and it’s possible that Snake was being a bit too judgmental.  After everything the President had been through, it was totally possible that he wasn’t even sure where he was.  Still, the tape was destroyed and America presumably never elected another British president.

Then, in Escape from L.A., the next President (Cliff Robertson) again makes the mistake of getting on Snake’s nerves.  So, Snake basically robs the world of electricity.  (Kurt Russell has said that all of this could have been avoided if they had just left Snake have a cigarette but the President had passed a bunch of anti-smoking laws.)  Hopefully, the next President was capable of not annoying Snake Plisskin.

With all that in mind and in honor of John Carpenter’s birthday, here’s a scene that I love from 1996’s Escape From L.A.

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