The Adventures of the Masked Detective

From 1940 to 1943, Rex Parker starred in his own pulp magazine!  He wore a mask and he was a detective so, of course, he was known as the Masked Detective.  On a quarterly basis, he battled criminals and spies and saved kidnapped women.  He was a popular detective but not even he could survive the World War II paper shortage.  Though his magazine was discontinued in 1943, Rex will live forever on the covers.

Here are a few of the adventures of Rex Parker.  When known, the artist has been credited.

Fall, 1940, by Jerome Rozen

Winter, 1941, artist unknown

Spring 1941, artist unknown

Summer, 1941, by Milton Luros

1941, December, Artist Unknown

Spring, 1942, artist unknown

Summer, 1942, artist unknown

Fall, 1942, by Milton Luros

Spring 1943, artist unknown

Winter 1943, artist unknown

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