Lisa Marie’s Week In Television: 9/4/22 — 9/10/22

Here are just a few thoughts on what I watched as I continued to spend this week preparing for the greatest month of the year, October!

The Bachelorette (Monday Night, ABC)

Poor Gabby!  What a mess.  She went from being the bachelorette that ever man wanted to date to the bachelorette who now only has one man left to compete for her, a man to whom she’s not even sure she is ready to become engaged.  Meanwhile, Rachel has got three men to choose from and it’s hard not to feel that it’s going to be a disaster no matter who she picks.  Gabby and Rachel were picked for this season largely because of how badly they were treated during the previous season of The Bachelor but, if they were hoping for a better experience this time around….

If Meatball were still on the show, he could marry both Gabby and Rachel and all of these problems would be solved.

Big Brother (All The Time, CBS and Paramount Plus)

I’ve been writing about Big Brother over at the Big Brother Blog.  The season is winding down.  That’s a good thing because I’m actually starting to get really bored with the show.  All of the really interesting players have been voted out of the House.  I’m predicting we’re going to end up with a Turner/Brittany final two and Big Brother Twitter is going to erupt in outrage.

The Challenge (Wednesday Night, CBS)

Enzo is doing a lot better on The Challenge than he did either time he played Big Brother.  If you come for Enzo, you better not miss.

Fantasy Island (Tubi)

I watched a few episodes this week and I wrote and scheduled a review for each one of them.  The Island is lovely.

Full House (Sunday Evening, MeTV)

DJ volunteered at an assisted living facility and decided that it would be a good idea to bring one of the residents home with her.  Personally, I would think that this would lead to DJ losing her volunteer gig but everything worked out in the end.  Being a Tanner apparently provided you with a magic shield that protected you from the consequences of your actions.  This was followed by an episode in which Stephanie decided that it was time to get serious about her dancing.  I could barely watch, it was so cringey.

Hang Time (YouTube)

I watched 16 episodes of Hang Time this week.  Somehow, I survived.  Look for the reviews in the weeks to come.

Inspector Lewis (YouTube)

Hathaway took a holiday to Croatia, where he helped paint an orphanage.  It was very much a Hathaway thing to do.  With Hathaway gone, Lewis was free to finally pursue a relationship with Dr. Hobson. Yay!

Mike Judge’s Beavis and Butt-Head (Paramount Plus)

How exactly are Old Beavis and Butt-Head still alive?  That’s what I found myself wondering as I watched the latest episode of Mike Judge’s Beavis and Butt-Head.  Old Beavis destroyed both of his original kidneys and then destroyed his new kidney because he didn’t like the person who donated it to him.  That’s certainly his choice to make but seriously, how is he going to recover from something like that?

Then again, how are Young Beavis and Butt-Head going to recover from drinking acidic pesticide?  I can’t lie, I worry about the boys.  They need someone to step in and say, “No, don’t drink that!”  But I don’t blame Mr. Anderson giving them the pesticide because he was just trying to help.  If anything, Mr. Anderson is perhaps my favorite character on the show because I’ve got someone just like Mr. Anderson living at the end of the block.  He means well.

Night Shift (Night Shift Plus)

On Friday night, I watched an episode about the “second British invasion” of the early 80s.  The episode featured music videos from Duran Duran, The Human League, and few other bands of the era.  The Human League video was for Fascination, which made me happy.

Retro Television Reviews: California Dreams 1.3 “Double Date” and 1.4 “Dream Man”

Welcome to Retro Television Reviews, a feature where we review some of our favorite and least favorite shows of the past!  On Saturdays, I will be reviewing California Dreams, which ran on NBC from 1992 to 1996.  The entire show is currently streaming on YouTube!

The saga of California’s blandest garage band continues.

Is anyone reading this a surf dude with attitude?

Episode 1.3 “Double Date”

(Directed by Don Barnhart, originally aired on September 26, 1992)

Oh, California!  What a confusing place.

When Sharkey (the owner of Sharkey’s) goes out of town, he leaves Tony in charge of the restaurant.  He promises that, if Tony does a good job, Tony will get a promotion and more money.  But Sharkey, isn’t leaving Tony in charge already a promotion?  Anyway, it turns out that Sharkey made a huge mistake because soon, Sly has convinced Tony to hold a luau at Sharkey’s.  Tony spends a lot of Sharkey’s money on the luau.  Sharkey returns home early and demands that Tony pay back the money with whatever is made at the luay.  The luau has to be a success!  It’s a good thing that the Dreams will be playing at Sharkey’s.

Unfortunately, Matt has already booked the Dreams to perform at a wedding on the same night!  This leads to some conflict between Matt and Tony.  The conflict would perhaps be more dramatic if Matt wasn’t a total wimp.

Fortunately, Tiffani suggests that maybe the Dreams could just play both shows, considering that there’s apparently only 2 minutes of distance between Sharkey’s and the yacht club.  (The wedding, of course, is taking place at the yacht club.  Do poor people even exist in California?)

This episode basically felt like it was left over from the Saved By The Bell episodes where Zach and the gang worked at Malibu Sands …. actually, wait a minute.  IT IS!  When Mr. Carossi went out of town, Zach and Stacy booked two parties for the same night and had to throw both parties during the same night.  History repeats itself.  Of course, every time that it does, things get progressively dumber.

For the record, the Dreams would have been a terrible wedding band in real life.  Hire a DJ, like my friend Xander.  He’ll keep your party going.

Episode 1.4 “Dream Man”

(Directed by Don Barnhart, originally aired on October 3rd, 1992)

When Jenny hold a slumber party, Sly and Tony plant a listening device so that they can learn what Jenny and Jenny’s friend Jasmine are looking for in a boyfriend.  This leads to …. WAIT A MINUTE!  THIS IS ANOTHER SAVED BY THE BELL PLOT!  Zach bugged Jessie’s bedroom so that he could learn who Kelly was planning on asking to the school dance.  Jessie figured out what was going on and told Kelly to pretend to have a psychotic breakdown.

Anyway, this leads to Sly wearing an Italian suit and a silk tie in an effort to impress Jenny and the audience going, “Wooooo!”  But, because Jenny knows about the listening device, Sly ends up getting grape juice splashed on his shirt.  “Wooooooo!” the audience continues.

Meanwhile, Tiffani tried to help Matt write a song about a kid named Tommy who can’t swim.  The song is supposed to be bad (which leads to Matt learning a lesson about being honest) but the end result is still better than Friends Forever.

AMV of the Day: Phobia (NHK ni Youkoso!)

It’s the weekend and that seems like a good reason to post an AMV of the Day!

Anime: NHK ni Youkoso!

Song: Believe (by The Chemical Brothers)

Creator: VermillionAMV (please subscribe to this creator’s channel)

Past AMVs of the Day

Here Are The Winners In Venice

The Venice Film Festival has come to a close with the awarding of prizes.  And here they are:

Golden Lion for Best Film: All the Beauty and the Bloodshed, d: Laura Poitras
Grand Jury Prize: Saint Omer, d: Alice Diop
Silver Lion for Best Director: Bones and All, d: Luca Guadagnino
Special Jury Prize: No Bears, d: Jafar Panahi
Best Screenplay: The Banshees of Inisherin, Martin McDonagh
Volpi Cup for Best Actress: Tár, Cate Blanchett
Volpi Cup for Best Actor: The Banshees of Inisherin, Colin Farrell
Marcello Mastroianni Award for Best Young Actor: Bones and All, Taylor Russell

I would say that the big winner of the festival is undoubtedly The Banshees of Inisherin.  Going into the festival, this film was only occasionally mentioned as an Oscar contender and that was just because director Martin McDonagh was previously responsible for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. However, the festival not only saw Banshees win the race for the longest standing ovation but it also won awards for McDonagh’s screenplay and Colin Farrell’s lead performance.

Cate Blanchett won best actress for Tar.  Blanchett was already considered to be a probable Oscar nominee so the award at Venice will certainly help the establish the narrative that will be necessary for Blanchett to take home her third Oscar.

As for Luca Guadagnino winning Best Director, that’s fine.  He’s a good director but I’ll never forgive him for the Suspiria remake.  If he agrees to keep Argento’s name out of his mouth, I’ll add him to my list of Oscar contenders.

Live Tweet Alert: Watch Last Shift with #ScarySocial

As some of our regular readers undoubtedly know, I am involved in a few weekly live tweets on twitter.  I host #FridayNightFlix every Friday, I co-host #ScarySocial on Saturday, and I am one of the five hosts of #MondayActionMovie!  Every week, we get together.  We watch a movie.  We tweet our way through it.

Tonight, for #ScarySocial, @TimBuntley will be hosting 2014’s Last Shift!

What happens when a rookie police officer is assigned to handle the last shift at a possibly haunted police station before the place is permanently shut down?  I have no idea but I have a feeling that it will be something horrific!  I’ll be finding out tonight and I invite you to join me.

If you want to join us on Saturday night, just hop onto twitter, start the film at 9 pm et, and use the #ScarySocial hashtag!  The film is available on Prime and a few other streaming sites.  I’ll be there co-hosting and I imagine some other members of the TSL Crew will be there as well.  It’s a friendly group and welcoming of newcomers so don’t be shy.

Music Video Of Day: Another Rainy Night With You by Queensryche (1993, directed by Mary Lambert)

There are actually two music videos for this song by Queensryche.  The first one was a black-and-white version that featured a ghostly bride.  I shared that one last week.  The second one is the one that I’m sharing today, which features a woman floating space and the band performing in front of various city scenes.

This version of directed by Mary Lambert, of Pet Semetary fame.