Music Video of the Day: Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N’ Roses (1987, directed by Nigel Dick)

Supposedly, this is a video that MTV initially rejected, feeling that it would be too intense and sordid to appeal to its audience.  In the end, the only reason MTV relented was due to the intervention of David Geffen, who convinced the channel to play the song once at five in the morning.  No sooner had the video aired than the station started to get calls from viewers who wanted to see it again.  Just as the song would become one of Guns N’ Roses’s signature songs, the video became one of MTV’s signature videos.

This is yet another video that was directed by Nigel Dick.  The video follows a young Axl Rose, as he gets off the bus in Los Angeles and finds himself in the jungle.  Interestingly, the members of the band appear as an assortment of drug dealers and other lowlifes, all of whom are trying to corrupt Axl.  It’s been said that the video actually follows the real life dynamic of the group as Axl, despite his reputation, stayed away from the heavy drug use that the rest of the band happily indulged in,

The video has been called a combination of Midnight Cowboy, The Man Who Fell To Earth, and A Clockwork Orange.  That sounds right to me.


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