Music Video of the Day: Another Rainy Night Without You By Queensryche (1991, directed by Matt Mahurin)

“Sometimes rockers have to pretend to be all sensitive like that to get chicks.”

When Butt-Head uttered those words of wisdom, he was talking about the Red Hot Chili Peppers’s Under the Bridge but he could have just as well been talking about Queensryche and Another Rainy Night Without You.  Of course, Queensryche was always more given to emotion than some of the other prominent metal groups of the era.

The most interesting thing about this black-and-white video is that it was directed by Mary Lambert, who also directed both the original Pet Semetary and it’s sequel.  Lambert also directed the music video for Queensryche’s Empire.

Update (9/9/22) — Actually, there are two videos of this version.  One of them was directed by Mary Lambert.  However, the video at the top of this post was directed by Matt Mahurin, who has been directing music videos since the late 80s and who has also worked with everyone from Peter Gabriel to R.E.M. to Metallica.


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