Lisa Marie’s Week In Review: 8/15/22 — 8/21/22

I returned from Lake Texoma from Monday, fully convinced that having taken a few days off would lead to me attacking everything with a renewed energy and vigor.  Instead, the opposite happened and now I’m counting the days until I get away again.

On the positive side, we are currently preparing for October here at the Shattered Lens!  At last count, we’ve already got 155 post ready to go for October and we’re just getting started!  October is my favorite of the month and the start of my favorite season of the year and I can’t wait to share it with all of our readers here at the Shattered Lens!

Here’s what I watched, read, and listened to this week.  Happy 6th birthday to the #ILikeToWatch live tweet group!  (Despite the name, it’s actually a group that is centered around sharing music.)

Films I Watched:

  1. Galaxy Quest (1999)
  2. Mark of the Witch (1970)
  3. Mississippi Burning (1988)
  4. Shaun of the Dead (2004)
  5. Steele Justice (1987)
  6. Toomorrow (1970)

Television Shows I Watched:

  1. Allo Allo
  2. The Bachelorette
  3. Better Call Saul
  4. Big Brother
  5. The Challenge
  6. Full House
  7. Inspector Lewis
  8. Mike Judge’s Beavis and Butthead
  9. Open All Hours

Books I Read:

  1. Blood, Sweat, and Chrome (2022) by Kyle Buchanan
  2. Everybody Thought We Were Crazy (2022) by Mark Rozzo

Music To Which I Listened:

  1. Adi Ulmansky
  2. Alison Krauss
  3. Ambrosia
  4. American Cream Team
  5. Ashford and Simpson
  6. Avril Lavigne
  7. Billy Joel
  8. Biz Markie
  9. Bob Welch
  10. Britney Spears
  11. Bruno Mars
  12. The Cardigans
  13. Chris Stapleton
  14. Christina Aguilera
  15. Coldplay
  16. The Cure
  17. David Bowie
  18. Dr. John
  19. Eddie Kendricks
  20. Flight of the Conchords
  21. Florence + The Machine
  22. Fountains of Wayne
  23. The Fruit Bats
  24. Gary Nunan
  25. Grace Petrie
  26. Hilary Duff
  27. Human Drama
  28. INXS
  29. Iron Maiden
  30. Janelle Monae
  31. Jimmie Allen
  32. John Waitre
  33. Kid Rock
  34. Leon Redbone
  35. Leon Russell
  36. Lord Huron
  37. Lynard Skynard
  38. Madonna
  39. Moby
  40. Nancy Sinatra
  41. Nine Inch Nails
  42. OMD
  43. Quannum
  44. P!nk
  45. PJ Harvey
  46. Prince
  47. Psychostick
  48. Saint Motel
  49. Sheryl Crow
  50. Smashing Pumpkins
  51. The Smithereens
  52. Spinal Tap
  53. The White Stripes

Live Tweets:

  1. Steele Justice
  2. Galaxy Quest
  3. Shaun of the Dead

News From Last Week:

  1. Virginia Patton Moss, Last Surviving Adult Cast Member of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ Dies at 97
  2. ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Takes Down ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ as Sixth-Highest Grossing Movie in Domestic Box Office History
  3. Gary Busey charged with sex offenses over incidents at horror convention: Police
  4. Brian Stelter Leaving CNN After Cancellation of ‘Reliable Sources’
  5. ‘I don’t think I could feel any better’: Why wealthy NYers and celebs like Aaron Rodgers are tripping on psychedelics
  6. Karens can now ‘speak to the manager’ with their own action figure
  7. Jeffrey Toobin almost certainly pushed out from CNN, insiders say

Links From Last Week:

  1. Paul Newman And Joanne Woodward Were “The Last Movie Stars!” A Terrific And Candid New Mini-Series Explores Hollywood Royalty!
  2. The World’s Common Tater’s Week in Books, Movies, and TV 8/19/22

Links From The Site:

  1. Leonard reviewed The Bad Guys!  He also reviewed Kingdom of the Spiders!
  2. Erin shared Railroad Stories, Everyday Science and Mechanics, Thrilling Adventures, The Covers of Red Mask Detective Stories, Western Short Stories, All The Cameras A Girl Could Want, Argosy All-Story Weekly, and Golden Fleece!
  3. I reviewed Steele Justice and Name Unknown!
  4. I paid tribute to Nicolas Roeg!  I shared my week in television and an AMV of the Day!
  5. Jeff reviewed In The Line of Duty: Blaze of Glory, In The Line of Duty: The FBI Murders, and The Cops are Robbers!
  6. Jeff shared music videos from Thompson Twins, Oasis, Winger, Guns N’ Roses, Iron Maiden, Poison, and Megadeth!

More From Us:

  1. I wrote about Big Brother for the Big Brother Blog!
  2. At Days Without Incident, Leonard shared songs from The Bad Guys and Elvis!
  3. At my music site, I shared songs from The White Stripes, P!nk, Christina Aguilera, Hilary Duff, Britney Spears, Coldplay, and Avril Lavigne!
  4. At her photography site, Erin shared Campus Statue, Humpty Dumpty, Humpty Dumpty 2, Laundry Day, Shoes On A Wire, Searching For Something, and Who Are You To Look At Me?
  5. At my dream journal, I shared a dream about Hawaii!
  6. At Pop Politics, Jeff wrote about Liz Cheney!

Want to see what I did last week?  Click here!

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