Here’s The Trailer for A Jazzman’s Blues

To be honest, the trailer for A Jazzman’s Blues looks a bit better than the average Tyler Perry film but…. well, it’s still a Tyler Perry film.  Perry seems like a genuinely nice man and he’s given valuable opportunities to a lot of actors and technicians.  But, as both a writer and a director, he has a tendency towards being more than a little heavy-handed.  He’s one of those filmmakers who, because of his personal qualities, you always hope will eventually make a great film but it’s debatable whether he’s even made a good one yet.

We’ll see how he did with A Jazzman’s Blues when it drops on Netflix in September.

Here’s The Trailer for White Noise!

Earlier today, the trailer for Noah Baumbach’s upcoming White Noise dropped.  This film, which is an adaptation of Don DeLillo’s novel, is expected to receive a major awards season push from Netflix.  It’s a film that not only reunited Baumbach with Marriage Story‘s Adam Driver but which also co-stars Greta Gerwig, who has yet to receive an acting nomination despite directing two films that have been nominated for Best Picture.  It’ll be curious to see how Baumbach does with White Noise.  DeLillo is one of our most acclaimed novelists but other filmmakers have often struggled to capture the essence of his prose on film.

Here’s the trailer.  Judge it for yourself.

Live Tweet Alert: Join #FridayNightFlix for The Cutting Edge!

As some of our regular readers undoubtedly know, I am involved in a few weekly live tweets on twitter.  I host #FridayNightFlix every Friday, I co-host #ScarySocial on Saturday, and I am one of the five hosts of #MondayActionMovie!  Every week, we get together.  We watch a movie.  We tweet our way through it.

Tomorrow, at 10 pm et, I will be hosting #FridayNightFlix!  The movie?  1992’s The Cutting Edge!

It’s figure skating, hockey, and love!  D.B. Sweeney is a former hockey star.  Moira Kelly is a figure skater with a reputation for being a diva.  Terry O’Quinn and Roy Dotrice are the distinguished character actors who are brought in to class the joint up.  Can Sweeney and Kelly win the gold and fall in love at the same time!?

If you want to join us this Friday, just hop onto twitter, start the movie at 10 pm et, and use the #FridayNightFlix hashtag!  I’ll be there tweeting and I imagine some other members of the TSL Crew will be there as well.  It’s a friendly group and welcoming of newcomers so don’t be shy.

This movie is a personal favorite of mine and I can’t wait to play host tomorrow night!

Music Video of the Day: Dystopia by Megadeth (2016, directed by Blair Underwood)

Just to clear up some confusion that apparently shows up online, the Blair Underwood who directed this video for Megadeth is not the same Blair Underwood who co-starred on L.A. Law.  Considering that Blair Underwood the actor reportedly based his L.A. Law character on a young Barack Obama and Dystopia was undoubtedly Dave Mustaine’s commentary on America under Obama, the collaboration would have been an unlikely one.

It was for Dystopia that Megadeth won their first Grammy.  Unfortunately, during the Grammy ceremony, the house band played Metallica’s Master of Puppets when Dave Mustaine and the band went up to accept the award.  Mustaine, who was famously kicked out of Metallica before then forming Megadeth, said that he didn’t take it personally.  That doesn’t really sound like the Dave Mustaine that most people know but let’s take his word for it.