Scenes That I Love: Norma Desmond visits Cecil B. DeMille in Sunset Boulevard

Today, the Shattered Lens observes the 141st birthday of filmmaker Cecil B. DeMille.

Today, if Cecil B. DeMille is known at all, it’s for directing Biblical epics like The Ten Commandments.  However, there was much more to DeMille’s career than just that one film.  DeMille got his start during the early silent era and he quickly established himself as one of Hollywood’s first superstar directors.  Unlike many of his contemporaries, he survived the transition to sound and he remained a force in Hollywood at a time when many of the other silent directors were fading into obscurity.  DeMille played a key role in the founding of what would become the American film industry.  He began his career in 1914 and he made his last film in 1958.  That’s quite a legacy.

In 1950, when filming Sunset Boulevard, Billy Wilder needed someone to play the key role of one of Norma Desmond’s former directors.  Who better to represent the old style of Hollywood than Cecil B. DeMille?  In the scene below, DeMille plays himself.  Norma Desmond is, of course, played by Gloria Swanson, an actress whom DeMille had directed in the past.

From Sunset Boulevard, here’s a scene that I love.

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