Music Video of the Day: Bother by Stone Sour (2002, directed by Gregory Dark)

The Spider-Man ring that is visible in this video is due to leader singer Corey Taylor being both a fan of the character and this song appearing on the soundtrack of the first Tobey Maguire Spider-Man film.  Just as Peter Parker and Spider-Man are the same but different, the same can be said of Corey Taylor, who is introspective and thoughtful as Stone Sour’s lead singer and something somewhat different when he’s performing as Number 8 with Slipknot.

This video, which features Taylor singing to rapidly aging and dying version of himself, was directed by Gregory Dark.  Dark, previously known as “the Steven Spielberg of the soft-score set” and “the Martin Scorsese of the erotic thriller,” was making the transition for directing films for adults to directing music videos.  It wasn’t always a smooth transition.  There was some controversy when he directed a video for Britney Spears, for instance.  I think this is one of Dark’s better videos.


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