Here’s The Trailer For Rob Zombie’s The Munsters!

Yesterday, the trailer for Rob Zombie’s film reboot of The Munsters was released.  Judging from the reaction online, you would think that it was some sort of crime against …. well, I guess humanity wouldn’t be quite the right way to put it.  Still, I’ve seen people who are far older and I would think far more mature than me saying that this trailer shows that Rob Zombie has no respect for “the legacy of The Munsters.”  Weren’t The Munsters just a dumbed down version of The Addams Family?  

Anyway, I just watched the trailer and it really doesn’t look that bad to me.  Of course, it doesn’t really look that good either.  It looks like it’ll be one of those in-between sort of films that people talk about for a week and then forget about.  One thing I do appreciate, though, is that it looks colorful.  I get the feeling that Rob Zombie enjoyed doing whatever it was that he ended up doing with this film and, really, Zombie deserves to enjoy himself on occasion.

Anyway, here’s the trailer!

2 responses to “Here’s The Trailer For Rob Zombie’s The Munsters!

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