Lisa Marie’s Week In Television: 11/21/21 — 11/27/21

Between my sister’s birthday, Thanksgiving, and my attempts to get caught up on my Lifetime movie viewing, I didn’t watch much TV this week.  Here’s some thoughts on what did I see:

Allo Allo (Sunday Night, PBS)

With the long-distance duck making its way (very slowly) to London, Rene and the Resistance disguised themselves as doctors and nurses so that they could rescue Monsieur Alphonse from the hospital.  Meanwhile, the German colonels plotted to assassinate Alphonse with an exploding bedpan.  It was a bit of an odd episode but I still laughed.

Baywatch Hawaii (Prime)

On Friday, I continued my binge of the first season of Baywatch Hawaii, watching three episodes.

Episode 11 featured a bit of tragedy for the Baywatch Hawaii team.  No sooner had Allie declared her love for Nick, the hunky coast guard helicopter pilot, than Nick ended up sacrificing his life so that two dummies trapped in a mini-sub could live.  David Hasselhoff made a brief appearance so that he could presumably collect his a paycheck and also so that Mitch could declare, “Nick wasn’t a lifeguard but he died being one.”  That’s actually probably why he died.

Episode 12 featured some JD/Jessie relationship drama, as it was revealed that JD and Dawn had previously worked together and had a relationship in Florida.  I’m assuming that JD and Jessie broke up over the fact that JD kept it a secret, though the ending of this episode kind of left things in the air.  There was also an odd subplot about JD inventing a new type of wet suit that allowed lifeguard to swim faster than dolphins.  It was an oddly disjointed episode (and I haven’t even gotten into the subplots about the missing child and Dawn getting named in a wrongful death suit) but it did end with a nicely surreal scene of the lifeguards relaxing underwater while fireworks exploded in the sky above.

Speaking of surreal, that’s the only way to describe Episode 13.  A man was recovered after drowning.  Despite having been underwater and medically dead for 20 minutes, he was still revived with absolutely no brain damage or any other injuries.  This led to Dawn and Sean exploring an underwater meditation technique that Dawn learned in India.  Sean was freaked out by a vision that he had in which Dawn appeared to be trying to drown him.  MEANWHILE, Jessie, Allie, and Kekoa went shopping!  Yay!  This led to them getting invited to a party on a boat and it also led to them having to strip down to their newly-purchased lingerie (in slow motion, of course) in order to save a group of stranded swimmers.  It was weird mix of philosophy and prurience and, to be honest, it was kind of brilliant in a Baywatch sort of way.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (Sunday Night, PBS)

A few years ago, my sister wrote about why this special is something to give thanks for.

Cowboys vs. Raiders (Thursday Afternoon, CBS)

Because it was Thanksgiving, I kind of watched this football game with my family.  Most of my cousins really got into it.  Myself, I’m just hoping that no one suffered any permanent injuries and that both teams had a nice Thanksgiving meal after the game ended.  I was a little bit disappointed when the game went into overtime.  I mean, they already had the tie.  There was no need to hurt anyone’s feelings!  Still, with their enthusiastic spirit and their can-do attitude, both teams were winners!

Dexter: New Blood (Sunday Night, Showtime)

I wrote about the latest episode of Dexter here!

Fear the Walking Dead (Sunday Night, AMC)

I wrote about the latest episode here!

King of the Hill (Sunday Afternoon, FXX)

I watched three classic episodes on Sunday afternoon.  Khannie and the Dale Gribble Bluegrass Experience went to Branson. (“She’s good …. she’s Branson good!”)  Peggy was conned by the president of the fictitious Genius Institute but she got her money back by pulling a con of her own.  Finally, Hank tried to convince his father to allow the local Vietnam vets to join the local VFW.

Open All Hours (Sunday Night, PBS)

Arkwright tried to impress Nurse Gladys Emmanuel while Granville bitterly considered the pointlessness of his life.

Survivor (Wednesday Night, CBS)

I wrote about the latest episode of Survivor here!

The Walking Dead: World Beyond (Sunday Night, AMC)

This week brought us another slowly paced episode of Walking Dead: World Beyond.  I guess the scientists and the main family are trying to break out of the paramilitary compound now?  Well, that’s probably a good idea.

TV Review: Fear the Walking Dead 7.6 “Reclamation” (dir by Billie Woodruff)

I just watched the latest episode of Fear The Walking Dead and I have to say that this is probably the first time this season where I really felt lost.   I think that if I had watched the previous seasons, I would have had a better reaction to this particular episode.  But, I have to admit that I had to use Wikipedia to discover who Al was and why Morgan and Grace were looking for her.

I will say that Maggie Grace did give a good performance as Al and it was hard not to get caught up in her joy as she experimented with that cannon.  And I do like the idea of someone trying to travel the country and record people’s experiences for future generations.  Whenever I watch any of the Walking Dead shows, I always wonder what it’s going to be like for the people who were born after the zombie apocalypse and who have no memory of what the world was like before the dead starting walking.  Everything that we take for granted today would be viewed the way that we currently view the Roman Empire, a remote and almost mythological time that sometimes seems to be beyond understanding.

Unfortunately, there were many moments when the latest episode reminded me of one of those old Walking Dead episodes where almost the entire show would just be Rick driving from one location to another, having endless conversations about everything other than what the viewer wanted to hear about.  The episode was bit too slowly paced for me, which has always been a frequent issue when it comes to The Walking Dead and its spin-offs.

That said, it appears that things have worked out well for Al and Isabelle so yay!  And tomorrow night’s episode will apparently feature Strand so an even bigger yay! for that.  Strand is a far more compelling villain that the paramilitary thugs that wandered through this episode (not to mention Walking Dead: World Beyond).

TV Review: Dexter: New Blood 1.3 “Smoke Signals” (dir by Sanford Bookstaver)

It’s been a busy week, with my sister’s birthday and Thanksgiving, so it was only this morning that I finally got a chance to watch the latest episode of Dexter: New Blood.  

A lot happened in Smoke Signals.  In fact, it was probably the busiest episode of the series so far.  That’s not a complaint, of course.  If anything, this episode felt like a classic episode of the first Dexter series.  In Miami, there was always a lot going on around Dexter while Dexter tried to figure out a way to dispose of his latest victim.  The latest episode would seem to suggest that, chilly weather aside, upstate New York is not that much different from Dexter’s former home.

Here’s a quick rundown of what did happen:

First off, Lily the hitchhiker was killed by the serial killer who we all know is going to turn out to be Olsen.

Harrison is now a student at the local high school.  He stood up to group of bullies, which was cool.  But, by grabbing the bully by throat and basically strangling him while demanding that the bully leave his friends alone, Harrison confirmed my suspicion that he’s got his own Dark Passenger.

Audrey, who is kind of annoying, told Olsen to stop “fucking up the planet.”  Olsen pointed out that Audrey drives an “old gas guzzler.”  It seems kind of obvious to me that, along with being a Count Zaroff-style serial killer, Olsen is also Audrey father.

Angela continued to investigate Matt’s death and Dexter again found himself in the weird position of being the closest confidant to the people investigating a murder that he committed.

Dexter spent most of the episode trying to figure out how to get rid of Matt’s body.  It turned out to be not as easy as he thought it would be.  Eventually, after watching the Seneca people burn the body of the deer that Matt shot, it occurred to Dexter to do the same thing with Matt.

No sooner had Dexter finished stuffing Matt in the incinerator than he ran into Matt’s father, Kurt.  Kurt was totally drunk and swore that he had just had a conversation with Matt and that Matt was still alive!  I’m interested to see what the show does with the character of Kurt.  At first, I thought he’d just be another person who would eventually come too close to revealing the truth about Dexter, like Doakes from the first two seasons.  But the end of the latest episode, with Dexter driving the drunk Kurt home, suggested that their relationship could become a bit more complex.

For myself, the highlight of this episode was Ghost Deb, who spent the entire show popping up at the least opportune times and profanely taunting Dexter over his inability to get rid of Matt’s body.  Ghost Deb had a point.  Dexter is out of practice and his idea that he could somehow turn his urges on-and-off was a foolish one.  Dexter should know better.  Ghost Deb and the wood chipper was a great Dexter moment.

All in all, it was a good episode.  I do wish that Olsen was a bit less obvious in his villainy but Dexter was never exactly known for its nuanced villains.  The Trinity Killer was more the exception than the rule. That said, I’m interested to see where all of this stuff with Harrison leads.  Is Harrison a killer-in-training and, if so, how is Dexter going to deal with that?

Maybe we’ll find out tomorrow!

Happy Birthday, Arleigh!

Today is a very special day as we celebrate the birthday of the founder of the Shattered Lens, the one and only …. ARLEIGH SANDOC!  The cats are celebrating and so are we!

Happy birthday, Arleigh!

Nearly 12 years ago, Arleigh founded the site that would eventually become the Shattered Lens.  He recruited our initial crew of four writers.  (We’ve obviously grown since those early days) and he asked me to come aboard as co-editor of the site.  I have grown so much as a writer, due to the opportunities and the freedom that Arleigh offered to me and every other writer on this site.  If you’ve ever enjoined anything you’ve read on this site, Arleigh is the man to thank.  If you’ve ever discovered a new film or song or comic or game or …. well, anything, as a result of this site, just know that it all began one Christmas Eve, when Arleigh Sandoc decided to post a review of a film called Avatar.

2022 is going to be all about celebrating everything that this site is about and I hope we’ll see each and everyone of you there.  Today, however, is all about celebrating Arleigh.

Happy birthday, Arleigh!