TV Review: Fear the Walking Dead 7.6 “Reclamation” (dir by Billie Woodruff)

I just watched the latest episode of Fear The Walking Dead and I have to say that this is probably the first time this season where I really felt lost.   I think that if I had watched the previous seasons, I would have had a better reaction to this particular episode.  But, I have to admit that I had to use Wikipedia to discover who Al was and why Morgan and Grace were looking for her.

I will say that Maggie Grace did give a good performance as Al and it was hard not to get caught up in her joy as she experimented with that cannon.  And I do like the idea of someone trying to travel the country and record people’s experiences for future generations.  Whenever I watch any of the Walking Dead shows, I always wonder what it’s going to be like for the people who were born after the zombie apocalypse and who have no memory of what the world was like before the dead starting walking.  Everything that we take for granted today would be viewed the way that we currently view the Roman Empire, a remote and almost mythological time that sometimes seems to be beyond understanding.

Unfortunately, there were many moments when the latest episode reminded me of one of those old Walking Dead episodes where almost the entire show would just be Rick driving from one location to another, having endless conversations about everything other than what the viewer wanted to hear about.  The episode was bit too slowly paced for me, which has always been a frequent issue when it comes to The Walking Dead and its spin-offs.

That said, it appears that things have worked out well for Al and Isabelle so yay!  And tomorrow night’s episode will apparently feature Strand so an even bigger yay! for that.  Strand is a far more compelling villain that the paramilitary thugs that wandered through this episode (not to mention Walking Dead: World Beyond).

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