Happy Birthday, Arleigh!

Today is a very special day as we celebrate the birthday of the founder of the Shattered Lens, the one and only …. ARLEIGH SANDOC!  The cats are celebrating and so are we!

Happy birthday, Arleigh!

Nearly 12 years ago, Arleigh founded the site that would eventually become the Shattered Lens.  He recruited our initial crew of four writers.  (We’ve obviously grown since those early days) and he asked me to come aboard as co-editor of the site.  I have grown so much as a writer, due to the opportunities and the freedom that Arleigh offered to me and every other writer on this site.  If you’ve ever enjoined anything you’ve read on this site, Arleigh is the man to thank.  If you’ve ever discovered a new film or song or comic or game or …. well, anything, as a result of this site, just know that it all began one Christmas Eve, when Arleigh Sandoc decided to post a review of a film called Avatar.

2022 is going to be all about celebrating everything that this site is about and I hope we’ll see each and everyone of you there.  Today, however, is all about celebrating Arleigh.

Happy birthday, Arleigh!

2 responses to “Happy Birthday, Arleigh!

  1. Lovely cat! 🙂

    I already wondered if all those posts could really be written (and all these many movies watched) by just one person?!!

    OK, I am a bit relieved that you´re acrew of more than 4, because otherwise I might ask myself: why can´t I do that?? (now I know, haha).


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