The Covers of Baseball Stories


Baseball Stories was a biannual magazine that ran from 1938 to 1954.  As the title implied, the magazine was all about baseball, featuring both fiction and straight reporting.  With my Rangers currently having the worst record in AL West (25-44!) and only the Orioles preventing us from having the absolute worst record in the League, I have been enjoying looking at the covers of Baseball Stories and remembering back to those days when my team won the pennant twice and made me fall in love with the game.  (I still love the game and my team, even if it sometimes seems like I’ll probably be in my 80s before we ever make it to the playoffs again.)

Here’s a sampling of the covers of Baseball Stories.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the names of the artists responsible for any of these covers.  If you know who deserves the credit, please drop us a comment under the post and I’ll be sure to go back and add their names!







1946 (my favorite)






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