The Risqué Covers of High Heel Magazine!

High Heel Magazine was a pin-up pulp that run from 1937 to 1939.  Though it only ran for a short amount of time, the risque covers have made the magazine popular with collectors of both pin-ups and pulp art.  The covers almost always featured a woman who was often either showin off some leg or getting hit by a very high wind, stockings, and not surprisingly high heels.

Below are a few of the covers of High Heel Magazine.  Where known the artist has been credited!

April, 1937. Artist: Cardwell Higgins

May, 1937. Artist Unknown

September 1937. Artist: Peter Driben

November, 1937. Artist: Peter Driben

December, 1937. Artist: Peter Driben

Mach, 1938. Artist: Peter Driben

July, 1938. Artist: Peter Driben

October 1938, Artist: Peter Driben

November, 1938. Artist: Peter Driben.

1939. Artist: George Quintana




Music Video of the Day: Omen by The Prodigy (2009, dir by Peter Dugdale)

I’m still mourning Keith Flint.

Apparently, there’s a lot of people online who are convinced that the girl playing the glockenspiel grew up to be Greta Thunberg.  Just the fact that Greta was 6 years old at the time that this video was released should put that rumor to rest.  (In the defense of many, the rumor did start and was frequently shared as a joke.  But you know how the Internet is.)  Personally, I think she looks more like Wednesday Addams or maybe the little girl from The Ring.