Here’s The Trailer For Nine Perfect Strangers!

If you’re in the States, this David E. Kelley-produced miniseries will be premiering on Hulu on August 21st. If you’re outside of the States, it’ll be premiering on Prime at some point.

Here’s the trailer:

Artwork of the Day: Ranch Romances (by J. George Janes)

by J. Geroge Janes

This is from 1953. I don’t know how much romance anyone could expect to get when they’re mishandling a pitchfork like that. Even with the sleeve of her shirt pinned to barn wall, she should still be able to turn around to get a good shot at him. Obviously, the handler of that pitchfork isn’t the smartest outlaw in the west.

Music Video of the Day: The Other Side by Public Service Broadcasting (2015, dir by Rafe Gibbons)

Yes, I’m a little bit late in posting today’s music video of the day. Sorry, the Texas Office of Through the Shattered Lens got hit by some bad weather last night and this morning! Plus, yesterday, I was going on about 90 minutes of sleep so just the fact that I’m semi-coherent right now is probably something of a minor miracle.

Anyway, allow me to make up to you with this video for Public Service Broadcasting’s inspiring tribute to space exploration, The Other Side! Yes, those are the voices of actual NASA engineers and astronauts, experiencing the dark side of the moon for the very first time. This is from PSB’s album, Race for Space.