Here’s The First Teaser For Shazam 2!

“Why’s it so dark?”

Well, Shazam, that seems to be the current state of comic book cinema. Hopefully, if your first film was any indication of the future, you can help to lighten things up a bit. Anyway, this is obviously a teaser. It’s not a trailer. This is just a reminder that there’s a character named Shazam and he’s got a movie coming out at some point in the future …. actually, it’s not coming out until June of 2023!

Well, hopefully, they’ll find a way to turn on the lights in the next two years. Also, hopefully, people will still remember Shazam in 2023. In the film’s defense, though, production was delayed due to the COVID pandemic so it’s going to be hardly the only sequel coming out a bit later than one might expect.

Artwork of the Day: 10-Story Detective Magazine (by Norman Saunders)

by Norman Saunders

That is probably the worst possible way to try to deliver someone a gun. By the time the gun does arrive at the D.A.’s office, there’s going to be so many tags and fingerprints on it that it’s going to be worthless as evidence.

This issues from 1949. The cover was done by the prolific illustrator, Norman Saunders.

Music Video of the Day: A Song for Donny Hathaway by The Whispers (1979, directed by ????)

With this song, The Whispers paid tribute to the legendary soul singer Donny Hathaway, who was best-known for songs like “The Ghetto”, “This Christmas”, “Someday We’ll All Be Free”, and “Little Ghetto Boy” and for his collaborations with Roberta Flack. Tragically, Hathaway, who struggled with depression and who was diagnosed as being paranoid schizophrenic in 1971, committed suicide in 1979 but his music and influence lives on. The Whispers were one of the many groups to pay tribute to Hathaway after his death.

This video is a simple performance clip, as the majority of music videos were in the days before MTV.