Music Video of the Day: You Get In My Way by Ali Barter (2021, dir by Bryce Padovan)

When I first saw this, I have to admit that I misread the title as being “You got in my way” and, since I suck at understanding lyrics, I assumed that this song was about a hit-and-run accident or something like that.  Like maybe Ali was explaining that it was unfortunate that she ran you over but she was driving home at four in the morning and she was a little distracted and then you just happened to step off the curb.  Seriously — what were you thinking!?

Actually, though, this is song is abut Ali singing about a boy who seems to be perfect but who still kind of cramps her style.  She’s got the stability of a relationship but sometimes, that stability gets in the way of her just doing what she wants to do.  Is she sacrificing her freedom?  It’s a legitimate question and one to which I think any former or current wild child can relate.

As for the video, I like it.  It’s simple but fun.

Enjoy and stay out the way!

2 responses to “Music Video of the Day: You Get In My Way by Ali Barter (2021, dir by Bryce Padovan)

  1. This song has been stuck in my head all morning now, thank you very much!

    I can hear Clementine singing this about Joel. I think it’s probably a healthy thing to not get complacent in a relationship. Dont erase your memories though – history is important!


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