Never Forget — As If You Could : Garrett Young’s “Sketch Zine 2020”

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

Don’t let the blank cover fool you — the images contained inside Garrett Young’s Sketch Zine 2020 are rich, inky, and brain-searingly indelible. And besides, this particular cover’s only blank because Young hasn’t adorned it with one of the individual drawings he puts on them, one of the perks of self-publishing for both creator and consumer. My own copy features a young woman looking both distant and possessed with unknowable intent simultaneously — but my own copy really isn’t what’s important here.

Rather, we’re here to talk about the myriad glimpses at either a slightly pre- or slightly post-fallen world that Young serves up in the pages of this ‘zine, a cornucopia of personages and, occasionally, creatures for whom vacuous amorality appears to be a default mindset — or perhaps, even more chillingly, an aspiration. Some shit haunts your dreams, sure, but some shit can’t even be bothered to go…

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