Artwork of the Day: Hardrock (by Mel Crair)

by Mel Crair

He’s definitely hard something!  And look at those intense eyes, my God.  I don’t know if I’d want to be the woman standing behind him because he looks like a rough character.

Hardrock was first published in 1963.  From the 30s until he died in 1988, Bonham wrote over 40 novels.  The majority of them were westerns, like this one.  The cover was done by Mel Crair, who this site has featured in the past and will probably feature again in the future.

Music Video of the Day: Be Good To Yourself by Journey (1986, directed by ????)

I wanted to begin this day on a positive note and luckily, Journey’s going to help me do just that with Be Good To Yourself.  This song was written at a time when singer Steve Perry was going through an array of personal problems and he was also dealing with the failing health of his mother.  Though Perry may not have written the song, he did say that he needed a life-affirming anthem to sing.  Keyboardist Jonathan Cain came through with Be Good To Yourself.

The video was a performance clip.  That was always the best format for Journey during the Steve Perry years, as anyone who has seen the video for Separate Ways can attest.