Come Fly With Us! The Flight Attendants Of The Pulp Era

Artist Unknown

While recently looking through some old pulp covers, I couldn’t help but notice a recurring theme.

Flight attendants!

During the pulp era, flight attendants were apparently a popular subject.  Whether they were thwarting hijackings or trying to land the perfect pilot husband, flight attendants lived dramatic, exciting, and sexy lives!  It was enough to make me wonder if maybe I made a mistake when I decided that I didn’t want to go to grow up and be a flight attendant.  (I was ten so what did I know?)

Here’s just a sampling of pulp covers featuring flight attendants dealing with everything from hijackers to more earthbound pursuits.  Where known the artist has been credited.

by James Meese

by Victor Kalin

Artist Unknown

by Ernest “Darcy” Chiraka

by Norman Saunders

by Norman Saunders

by Rafael DeSoto

by Robert Abbett

by Robert Maguire

Unknown Artist

Unknown Artist

by Arthur Brushnib

Enjoy your flight!

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