Horror On the Lens: Phantom From Space (dir by W. Lee Wilder)

Today’s horror film is one that we haven’t shown on the Lens before!  That’s right, it’s a premiere!  Yay!

First released in 1953, Phantom From Space is about an invisible alien who wears a diving helmet.  It’s a film that alternates between being extremely silly and occasionally effective, with the emphasis very much on “occasionally.”  Even though the alien causes some mayhem, it’s still definitely a more sympathetic character than some of the humans that it runs into.  This film is very much of the “humans screw everything up” genre of sci-fi films.  Phantom From Space was also directed by Billy Wilder’s brother!  I should, however, admit that there’s absolutely nothing about this film that will remind you of The Apartment, Double Indemnity, or the Lost Weekend.

(Well, I guess you could argue that they all are in black-and-white so there is that….)

Anyway, I watched this with my friends in the Late Night Movie Gang on Saturday and we enjoyed it.  Maybe you will too.  It’s a film that definitely rewards a certain attitude of snarkiness.  It’s only 72 minutes long so give it a try.


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