Here’s The Trailer for News of the World!

Earlier this year, I think almost everyone in America was thrown into a moment of panic when it was announced that Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson had been diagnosed with COVID-19.  Not only did it show us that anyone could get the disease but it also forced to consider the fact that Tom Hanks is just as mortal as the rest of us.  At that moment, we stopped taking Tom Hanks for granted.

Fortunately, both Tom and Rita recovered from the Coronavirus.  When the previously unheralded Greyhound premiered on AppleTV+, it was an unexpected hit and many observes assumed that it was all due to people suddenly remembering just how much they loved Tom Hanks.  This December, Hanks has another movie coming out and there’s some speculation that his role in News of the World could lead to Hanks picking up another Oscar nomination.

In News of the World, Hanks stars as a Civil War veteran who has been tasked with delivering a girl back to her aunt and uncle.  The catch is that the girl doesn’t want to return back home.  News of the World reunites Hanks with his Captain Phillips director, Paul Greengrass.  Captain Phillips featured what was perhaps Tom Hanks’s best performance to date.  Strangely enough, Hanks did not receive an Oscar nomination for that performance.  At the time, it was felt that the Academy was guilty of taking Hanks for granted.  If this year has taught us anything, it’s that you should never take anyone or their talent for granted.

Here’s the first trailer for News of the World, which will be released in December:

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