The Films of 2020: Confessions of a Time Traveler: The Man From 3036 (dir by The Nostradamus Brothers)

The faux documentary Confessions of a Time Traveler opens with a series of news reports about a mysterious man named Sebastian who, upon being arrested for stealing food, claimed to be from the year 3036.  He also explained that he didn’t know what stealing was because, in 3036, no one uses money.  Not surprisingly, this makes national news because — well, it’s not like there’s anything else going on right now that journalist might be reporting on.  I mean, 2020 has been a pretty slow news year, right?

The authorities are perplexed to discover that there are no records of Sebastian’s life.  Up until the moment that he got arrested, he might as well have not even existed.  Sebastian says that’s because he hasn’t even been born yet.  Could he be telling the truth?

Confessions of a Time Traveler purports to be a series of interviews with Sebastian, who wears sun glasses, a mask, and a hoodie.  Sebastian doesn’t seem to be particularly enthused about being stuck in the 21st Century.  In fact, his attitude is rotten.  Well, you know what, buddy?  If you don’t like it here, go back to your own time!  Oh wait, you can’t.  We haven’t invited time travel yet and by the time we do, Sebastian will probably be dead.  Oh well, sucks to be him.

Sebastian talks a little bit about what life is like in the future and guess what?  None of it is good news.  Apparently, we’re all screwed.  Of course, I’m writing this in 2020 so it’s not like I’m going to be around in 3036 so at least I won’t have to deal with all of the radiation that Sebastian says has caused everyone to lose their hair.

Sebastian informs us that World War III will be between the U.S., Russia, the China, and EU.  (Though Sebastian doesn’t confirm it, I bet the EU was the first to surrender.)  He also says that there’s going to be a vaccine war and that billions will die when they refuse to take a vaccine.  People are going to end up living underneath cities, in abandoned tunnel systems.  They’ll be called beneathers and none of them will live past the age of 40.  Personally, if I was known as being a “beneather,” I would probably die of shame too.

One thing I’ve noticed about time travelers is that they never seem to bring good news.  I mean, seriously — how depressing is the future that every time traveler who visits our age just wants to talk about pollution and war all the time?  I think some of it is our fault for enabling them.  Instead of changing the topic by asking something like, “So, what movie won Best Picture in 3035?,” we’re always demanding information about everything that’s gone wrong with the world.  We’re gluttons for bad time travel news.  What I always wonder is how — with the world apparently in such shambles — people managed to discover the secrets of time travel in the first place.  It seems like that would take a lot of effort and some serious concentration.  Could you concentrate while living in a post-apocalyptic hellscape?

As for Confessions of a Time Traveler, it’s a 36-minute short film that comes to us disguised as a documentary.  Personally, I appreciated the efforts to which the film went to appear to be a legitimate documentary.  Much like Orson Welles convincing listeners that the Martians had landed, Confessions of a Time Traveler attempts to convince the gullible that Sebastian actually is from 3036.  I’m sure that there are some people who will watch Confessons and totally miss the fact that it’s not a real documentary and who will think that it’s an actual interview with someone who claims to be from 3036.  Let’s face it, some people are easily fooled and that’s a timeless truth.  Confession of a Time Traveler certainly understands this and it uses our curiosity and anxiety about the future to its own advantage.  After years of hearing about how society’s on the verge of collapsing, there’s something satisfying about watching something like this and discovering that society actually did collapse.  It’s like, “Finally!  We got something right!”

The film ends with the hint of a sequel or, at the very least, an expansion on the original short film.  I imagine that I’d probably watch a follow-up.  I mean, who knows what the future may hold, right?

9 responses to “The Films of 2020: Confessions of a Time Traveler: The Man From 3036 (dir by The Nostradamus Brothers)

  1. I just finished trying to watch it. Got up to the part where he talks about the future world being run by 3 corporations, the beings one being the Rothschild Corp, with the other two being Amazon and something created by Bill Gates, and I just gave up.


    • Little do you know a corporation has already seized power over most of the world through central banks. Who do you think owns the Federal Reserve in the U.S.A.,(hint not a company within the US.) and when you read the quote by the patriarch Rothschild he says “give me control of a nations money supply and I care not who makes its laws” does that sound like someone in favor of a democratic republic? And why would the US government, through the 1913 Federal Reserve Act, give up their control over minting currency? What about the World Health Organization? Who is the main funder of WHO? Do you think if you were the main funder of any organization you would get to dictate the policies of said organization? Answer: yes you would. While this documentary may just be a science fiction film, some of the ideas should not be dismissed.


      • Oh I totally agree, the sterilization stuff is already happening with the Gardasil vaccine. This movie might be a bit far fetched but you must not ignore all the truth they are exposing. Watch the documentary Afflicted, 5G exposure is a real thing!


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  3. Thank you ALTRD! Well said! I believe people are missing the point of this film… it isn’t meant to deceive, it’s meant as a message, but then there are so many Americans that only believe what they read on Facebook so how can we possibly expect them to get it? Yes… there is GAVI Corp and it is owned by Bill Gates and I believe George Soros. And, there is a Rothchild Corp -HUGE global bank. One would think after all of the political corruption we’ve seen recently by one political party and the wealthy elite promoting we live in Socialism when they’ve benefited from Capitalism (how convenient) that all of America’s citizens would WAKE UP to what is really going on… one would think.. But many are doing exactly what “the machine” wants them to do… NOT TO THINK. Like “sheep being lead to slaughter”… It’s frightening to me, but I don’t have children and I’ll be gone in another couple of decades, but this emerging “new norm” should frighten EVERYONE. Especially those with children and people should ask themselves: is this a world I want them and their children’s children to live in? A world in which we are robots, told what to think, what to say, what not to say, how to live, where to live… is this really what you want for them?? I believe this was the entire point of the film. It certainly “hit home” with me!


  4. That’s because you are stupid and easily deceived. Republicans gobble up one conspiracy theory after another and readily accept that republican billionaires are GOOD while Democratic billionaires are BAD. You have been conned into believing that corporations sharing the labor from the sweat of our brows with us is communism! You believe that corporations who keep all of the profits and are 500 times wealthier that their employees DESERVE it because they worked for it! We deserve to live in a society where you actually can achieve the “American dream” of home ownership and and an education for our children. Yes, I am what you would call a disgusting Liberal, who still believes in education and expertise. You goons will not be happy until con men like donald trump throw us back 1000 years into the dark ages, yes religion was real big then as well! Well, I personally am not a moron and I believe in a glorious future where the average IQ is actually above 95! Education will win out and superstition will be the joke that it should be in a hundred years. Til then please continue to worship Alex Jones and donald trump.


    • Pretty sad that you can’t see outside the larger paradigm of the 2 party system that plays both sides up the middle to achieve their desired ends. I’m sorry you hate freedom.


  5. To Bernadette, I watched it, and I don’t believe this so called “documentary” is much more than pure drivel, kind of like everything you just said. The one thing you said that I do agree with is the part about you being a disgusting liberal, and as usual, are wrong about almost all conservatives. And a lot of us are not republicans………..


  6. A couple of questions about the film.
    1. How did the guy from 3036 get a house in 2020?
    2. How could there possibly be no trace of his background? Even if he was born in 3036 he would still have ancestors living in 2020.


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