“Trolls : 1 Trip 2 Many” May — Or May Not — Be Exactly That

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

Hmmm — this is a strange situation. Usually I’ll let you know if you should buy and/or read a comic or not, but when it comes to Michael Aushenker’s latest self-published number, Trolls : 1 Trip 2 Many — the third installment of his ongoing Trolls series (just look, the numbers in the title even add up!) — I might just have to give it a grade of “I” for incomplete.

I think, at any rate. It’s hard to say. And how successful this particular comic may be really does depend on what happens next — or not. Are you confused yet? Because there’s really no reason why you wouldn’t be.

Let me try to break it down — this comic starts off with our erstwhile protagonists, lovable fuck-ups Edward and Mayward, in a typically ridiculous situation : they’re being rocketed to Mars on the “Spaced X” probe owned by billionaire…

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